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The engine shop engines quality remanufactured rebuilt engines, restoration, by the engine shop, engines. Automotive crate motor motors car cars truck trucks marine. Shop hi performance racing motors machine heads custom machining industrial antique classic cylinder head block piston crank valve machine service crankshaft and connecting rod. The engine shop located in upper darby pennsylvania.

Machine Shop Prices

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed when you work with our skilled staff at J C Small Engine. Rent the equipment you need to get your project done.
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Short Block Teardown - price starting at:$ 45 - 65
Long Block Teardown - price starting at:$ 65 - 85
Jetwash Sheetmetal - price starting at:$ 22.50
Belt Surface Exhaust Manifolds$ 25/ea
Connecting Rods
*R&R Piston (Pin Fit) Ea $ 18.00
*Resize Rods (Ea) $ 19.00
*Resize Rods w/ Pistons On (Ea) $ 16.00
*Install & Pin Fit Bushing (Ea) $ 18.50

*Price is for 2 or more. Price for 1 is higher.

(please call)

Hang Pistons (New Rods) Ea

$ 6.00
Jetwash Crankshaft $ 28.75
Polish Crankshaft $ 52.50
Weld Crankshaft $ 64.00
Machine / Polish - price starting at: $105.00

For Salejmac Engine Shops

Cylinder Heads
Vacuum Test $ 18.50
Pressure Test$ 45.00
Mill Head (4/6/8 cyl)$ 45.00
Sonic Clean Head$ 22.50
Engine Blocks
Sonic Clean Block$ 45.00
Bake, Shotpeen, Tumble$ 70.00

Bore / Hone Cylinders (each)

- price starting at:

$ 21.10

Deck Block (V6 & V8)$115.00
Line Hone Block$120.00
**Assembly -
Call for current pricing!
2 Stroke Cylinders
Call for current pricing!
Other Machine Work
Call for current pricing!

**Please note that we will only do assembly work on engines where we supply parts. We will not assemble with customer supplied parts.

Please note prices are for gasoline engines. Prices for diesel engines are higher, please call for pricing.

3 years 100,000 Miles Warranty

MJM Engines provides complete San Diego engine rebuilding services on all major car brands available. We are a full service facility with machine shop and installation bays, providing you with the best engine rebuilding services in San Diego. If you're looking for the right place to bring your engine repair needs, you can count on the team at MJM Engines.
Not sure if you need a rebuild?
Stop in for a free engine inspection and repair cost estimate or call us with your questions, we'll be happy to answer them.
Already know you need one?
Call us for a free quote at 760-745-4104.

We are a One Stop San Diego Engine Rebuilding Shop

MJM Engines offers full service engine repair. From inspection and diagnosis, to removal, machining, rebuild and re-installation. Whether you need a simple valve job, cylinder head repair or complete engine rebuild, doing it all in one place will save you money.
All the work is done here at our facility, not only saving you money, but allowing MJM mechanics to completely control the rebuild process keeping quality at its highest. Our mechanics and machinists are fully-trained professionals who pride themselves on the quality of work and level of service we provide our customers.
Our staff has over 50 years combined experience in the San Diego engine re-manufacturing field. We offer some of the lowest prices and longest warranties in the business. We are open Monday through Friday 8am - 6pm Call us today for a quote!
Nothing is left to chance. Our quality machining process would be wasted if we didn't also use the finest engine parts available. Only parts from proven quality brands such as Fel-Pro, Sealed Power, Federal Mogul, Dyna gear, Clevite, Top Line and Melling go into our engines.
If you are looking for performance parts, we offer distinguished brands such as Speed-Pro, Lunati, TRW, Melling Performance and Keith Black.
We take sincere pride in being one of San Diego's top San Diego engine repair and San Diego engine re-manufacturing business. Finding a trusted San Diego engine repair and San Diego engine re-manufacturing shop can be difficult, but look no further, here at MJM Engines we can help get your car back on the road! We service all makes and models of cars around.
Typically, our customers report improvement in three areas. Here at MJM Engines, we think these are the best reasons to consider us as your replacement engine partner:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Savings

For Salejmac Engine Shop For Sale

Rebuilt engines by MJM Engines - high quality San Diego rebuilt engines for foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and marine applications. Here at MJM Engines, we stock plenty of engine parts as well and have an in-house complete automotive machine shop!
With MJM Engines, our team specializes in the replacement and remanufacturing of automotive engines. With an extensive line of high quality remanufactured and pre-owned engines for most import and domestic vehicle requirements, we can do the remanufacturing at our in-house machine shop or you can take it with you and install it yourself.

Call Today for a Free Estimate! 760-745-4104

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For Salejmac Engine Shop

For Salejmac Engine Shop Near Me