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Fonality Hud Classic Download Eagle Austin Texas

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Elizabeth_CollinsJun 13, 2012


I'm going to start right off by saying 'YES' I am going to defend Mark/Randy, and my reason is I am an employee of TelStar, and before Susan goes posting my past comments, I will admit that I was Fired for talking Company Business, and rightfully so I had no business being on the internet slandering a man that has been trying to put his past behind him, and make a good life for his family, I have to pat Mark on the back for being man enough to come out with the truth, that yes Mark is Randy, yes he has a past filled with mistakes (I'm sure not one person reading this can honestly say they have a squeaky clean past) After I very immaturely wrote nasty very nasty comments about my boss, he paid me, yes that one was late because unknown to me your last pay is mailed to you so it releases you and the company from the agreement, had I taken the time to read my contract I would have known that it was coming and I never would have said and done the things I did, I regret ever posting that garbage I know better, anything posted on here ends up in the hands of people that love to remind you of how immature a person can be, and those people can be very evil as I have seen here lately. Mark called me after I received my pay and asked me to return to work, I almost fell off my chair, here is a man that I tried to ruin, and he was giving me another chance, and not once has he ever thrown in my face the things I said and did to him, now that to me is a man with a heart, a big one at that, so if you were in my shoes wouldn't you defend him? I'm not saying not paying an employee is fair it's not and I don't agree with it but I have honestly not talked to an employee that hasn't been paid since I returned to work in March its been 3 months and everyone at TelStar is and has been being paid, I have to acknowledge the Time clock violations as well, I wasn't aware that you have to make 25 calls per hour every hour I thought that if I only made 20 the first hour I could catch up on the other 5 that's not how it works you have to get the 25 cph every hour it doesn't pass over, so I ended up with some hours that I was only paid 17cents a minute for my talk time that will take your pay down quite a bit so to make sure I'm getting my calls I keep track of it on paper, that way if my check is going to be low I know ahead of time. I know people are probably thinking 'what does this have to do with not getting paid', it has everything to do with it, all I'm saying is there are a lot of people who think they are owed a pile of money when in reality they are not there's more to it then pressing numbers and adding 10 bucks an hour, you have to be making your CPH, you have to be getting leads and so on. I worked a list yesterday that was worked by a man that was just let go and he changed lead status to not interested on at least 3 pages of contacts, I got suspicious, so I contacted these leads, come to find out this person had never called them, that causes the company to lose a lot of money, and possible clients, yet he's crying out that TelStar is a scam, HE's the scam, wouldn't you say?? I'm sorry if this offends anybody that's not my intention, my intention is to just tell my side and my side is I get paid every 2 weeks, I get exactly what I am owed, and I will talk to other employees and have them write how they feel, I won't go to them and say, 'I need you to agree with me blah, blah, blah, I'm going to ask them to write about their experience, is that fair enough?? By the way John is a real person, Mark/Randy does not use female alias's that is the truth, Mark doesn't hide his past, he's very open about who he is and where he has been, I wanna say Thank you Mark, TelStar has gotten me off Social Services and has made it possible for me to raise my son with money I have earned :) Have a great day everyone!!!

Fonality Hud Classic Download Eagle Austin Tx

Advanced Uninstaller PRO will automatically uninstall Fonality HUD 3.6.0. After removing Fonality HUD 3.6.0, Advanced Uninstaller PRO will offer to run an additional cleanup. Click Next to proceed with the cleanup. All the items that belong Fonality HUD 3.6.0 which have been left behind will be detected and you will be able to delete them. 2016 Cloud Unified Communications Buyers' Guide Finding the Best Fit When Moving to Cloud UC Solutions. Fonality HUD (Heads-Up Display) Software It can take a minute or so to start up. Fonality HUD icon Micro display Minimize/dock Full/smaller height Your phone This shows that I’m on the phone with Dave. Your voice mail. Your department head may have your software set to show other people in your department. Fonality HUD Mobile Features 1. Fonality Heads Up Display MobileFEATURES General Features Real-Time Rich Presence Connect with the right person based on the mode of communication that best suits you and your colleague with presence indicators of all company employees.