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  1. Shotos, Shotokans: Used to define characters in a game that fight in the Shotokan karate style, usually Ryu and Ken and anyone with a similar move set, like Akuma. Games SF2 WW: Street Fighter 2.
  2. Real Fighting is a cool, war-themed 2 player fighting game by Paco Games. Choose one of the badass characters and start beating your opponents on 1 vs 1 battles. Perform cool combinations of hits and special attacks, including fireballs and dragon punches, just check out the options menu during a fight and learn how to do them.
  3. Sports/fighting game subgenres. Sports-based fighting games (also known as sport-fighters or combat sports games) are games that fall firmly within both the Fighting game and Sports game genres. Such games are usually based on boxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling, and each sport may be seen as their own separate subgenres.
  4. Fighting Hero is an unlicensed fighting game created by NTDEC in 1991, based on Street Fighter. 1 Overview 2 Revisions 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Reference Fighting Hero is a simple fighting game. The controls are similar to the original Street Fighter in that A punches and B kicks. However, the controls are often criticized because attacks initiate once the player lets go of the button.
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very indo-european

without going mental. The stupidity and intentional throwing in my games is so bad, i literally think about quitting dota everytime i play more then 1 match in a row.

just look at my last 2 games.
first i have to play solo support SB (as usual), one dude randoms nyx and goes brown boots dagon rush and goes 'STU NOOOBS!!' when team tells him to buy arcanes/blink/aghs like a normal sane person, the OD ganks lanes instead of farming mid (???) and then consumes his moonshard even though he has free slots.
somehow me and the wk carry these heavy backpacks and i get +48 with doubledown.

next game some dude marks mid invo when mid is already taken, then marks my offlane and picks LC (has no clue how to play it, no impact all game other then dueling 10%ho enemies)
the AM ignores my tip to get a BKB after manta so that he could splitpush somewhat safely, so he just gets caught and stunlocked, after few deaths he stays in jungle all game. my babysitting as tree (kicked BB out of the lane, killing him 3 times) was not rewarded.
the roaming pudge kills a few people early, at minute 15 he starts non-stop flaming the necro because 'muh radiense iz paad!' (even though the necro carried the team) and afk farms jungle with ulti in the dumbest places and gets caught nonstop, doesnt help me support (solo supp again yeeh).
--> loose game, -25

If i wouldnt have used my doubledown, i would have made minus mmr that day.

I would have to play 800 games to get to 4k and turn into a toxic piece of s myself in the process, only to get into a bracket where people are slightly less dumb but infinitely more toxic

very indo-european

I mean i can keep calm and play for the win in the first game, but in the second game of solo supporting and allies with no knowledge of the game i just want to get out and abandon

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Did i just read 'get BKB on AM so you can split push' ? ....


ye it's sad but depends on person. first of all never have it happened to me that 2 games in a row i get real shit situation like throwers. secondly i stop playin if i actually get tilted af which rarely happens. idk why but i havent had throwers in my team for like a long time. did have ppl fighting each other in the team tho but i made them mute each other and play ftw

very indo-european
>tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

Nope, you care too much about your teammates. Honestly, mute all 9 if the average mmr is still 3k range. 3k's usually have nothing important to say at all. And throughout the game, you can unmute the least retarded player(s) to communicate better. But if they only blame and type instead of play, just mute them, and do not follow them since those players will 9 out of 10 times be bad, make bad decisions, and are the type of players you let feed, and never try to save since they keep going in alone and try to farm with no vision/detection. It gets hard though I must agree.

Dark Hunter

If you can't deal with toxic players. I suggest you play late at night. And i mean like 1am-2am-3am. Most of the time you'll get a lot more decent players and sometimes they might even carry you.

Also playing in the weekend is the most horrible time to play. Altough in summerbreak it seems to be more common for shitfests to happen. It still happens more during the weekends. Use this to your advantage!


I admit, ranked gets my tilted like hell. I am a calm guy in life, but when i play dota....


Flamers are constantly in my games. But just pay no attention to them and you're fine


Fighting Heropotato Games Game

Mlada i Luda

yeah its ez for jacked to talk, thats the privileges of the retards , how can you pay attention and go mad about things that are going wrong when you cant realize it in the first place lol.

very indo-european

I mute all 4 allies most of the time.
its just pretty sad that you literally cant enjoy 99/100 solo games.

I increased my mmr from 2.8 to 3010 but im getting tilted so hard every game lately, just give me 1 ranked game where i dont get matched with 3 brainless 12 year olds


Just be prepared because your IQ will decrease when you meet those kind of players xD


I feel this yesterday someone reported me because when his mid got stolen and told everyone to report him (and kinda the reason we lost because he went bloodseeker jg with 0 impact) but since i saisd i didnt have any reports left he got pissed at me

1-IceTea 🌟

Last time I played 15 or more matchs per day all rank.

If you are tilts,go troll enemies or at least teammates.The tilts might be gone after you pass it to them


if you are forced to solo support, just pick riki
that way the enemy becomes tilted


tesko bas ..samo retardi ne mogu da se iznerviraju


Lock a core, and mute your team.
Don't flame, yourself.
Often you will see the Autist Level during draft, after seeing if you have a jungler, or 4 cores, or stupid shit like that. Even then, just focus on your play.
1 game, I got stacked with a 4 stack. I refused to support, so I ended up playing solo Sven against BB and something retarded (Venge I think). Ended up carrying game anyways cuz other team was more autistic.


how on earth did no one just suggest 'play music and mute them'

i mean i had literally the same problem.

i just play music, make a 15 min pause between each match and mute anyone who says anything remotely annoying.


I'm really surprised that people stopped commenting commit sudoku in these type of threads


its just a game who cares, move on to the next or stop playing for the day.

Fighting Heropotato Games To Play

Potato Marshal

Feels bad whenever I get a cocky 5k teammate that think they can just random or counterpick themselves and stomp the game, but then just end up being the worst player on the team.


i spam 1 hero until my soul is close to getting out of my body then i change hero

Potato Marshal
meteor hammer

Dont play when you are depressed, trust me, its so fucking hard to play well when you are feeling depressed

very indo-european

just as a small addition my next 2 ranked matches (won both, still annoyed)

1 game some dude picks invo even though mid, safe and offlane core is taken

2 game some dude pick lc jungle after i picked sb roaming and leaves the AM without support, has 0 impact in the game

its just so annoying because its the internet, if i would play a card game with these people next to me i would slap the shut out of them


Get used to it, thats just part of dota's mechanics


some ppl like to change things i for example can play 9 games straight or more and there are days where i dont play at all but you seem to be a casual guy who will Always be worried about his team and what they say

very indo-european

i dont care what someone sais and im not worried that i loose because of my team

theres an overload of stupidity and i cant deal with it

Fighting heropotato games to play

@killstealreporter problem is, unfortunately retards will never leave this game and this world. So if you really can't stand them there's only one thing to do: take a break from this game, temporarily or permanently, that's for you to decide. After months and months of raging, yesterday I uninstalled it. I still love this game but I asked myself 'is it worth it?' and the answer was no. I've had the same game ruiners, people feeding and abandoning after 5 minutes, a 0-7 offlaner at min 10, every game like this. And I don't wanna waste my time anymore 'cause I recognize the fact that I just can't stand dumbshits. People who keep playing this game are people who are able to handle monkeys and play their game, if you can't do the same you'll end up attracting more and more negativity and things will just get worse. Ask yourself the same question and take a break, work on yourself as a person first of all and then if you want come back to improve as a player. If your hobby becomes a nightmare what's the point? That's my suggestion, hope it'll help. GL

Fighting Heropotato Games Free


lmao is someone having a tough time this week? finally admit you suck and decide to quit the game? rofl

1-IceTea 🌟

LOL quit because of rage and can't handle teammate,what a sad life.


Wew, this forum is constantly improving, no one commented stuff like
'Go play everwing or play osu'

and i dont even know that are those games

1-IceTea 🌟

That's loser style,proud hero doesn't put down his sword because he can't win his fight.He (me) only put it down after they is no more enemies to be kill and achieved his goal.


Hi psychotic dog. No I don't suck, I can't deal with dumbshits, like you.


You feel the need to prove you're the knight in the shiny armor, I don't 'cause I don't need it but I have a sad life LMAO. This forum is exactly like dota, full of low IQ retards.


as soon as can no longer win = matched with autistic dogs, and 24/7 blaming teammates. hahahaha fucking classic.

[FearN] Shogun

I kind of get OP tho, sometimes you get matches where you are better off just stop playing right after or you risk being the tilted asshole in someone else's game.

No language on earth has a word for how little I care. A quantum super computer, calculating for a thousand years, could not even approach the number of fucks I do not give.

This line from sword art online Abridged changed the way how i think about stupidity and toxicity of my teammates

Nah nah dog, I talked about matchmaking for the first time on this forum 1-2 months ago, in the last month i went from 3750 to 4310 mmr and had a 68% wr in ranked, then 61.90 and now it's like 57 in the last month in ranked and I'm still 4.1k. Before this name I've had tons of other names referring to retards on dota. Dumbshits in this game, like in real life, have always been a problem. This decision is the results of months of ridiculous matchmaking. Woof woof psychotic dog, keep making up lies.


lol fake figures again. youre not convincing anyone. your last 48 ranked matches were basically all solo. and u cant win so you start blaming your teammates and actualyl quit roflmao.

the offer to get 4.5k still stands though,

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Guide last updated on
August 18, 2011 at 2:25 p.m. PDT

Most fighting game players have experienced this at one point or another. Someone throws out some terminology that's second nature to them, but you have no idea what they're talking about.

Now hopefully you'll understand them a little better with this guide. To find something specific, just press Ctrl+F to search this page.

BnB, Bread and Butter: Refers to a bread and butter combo or technique for a character. Usually this is one combo or technique that almost everyone uses because it's highly effective.

Safe: A move that cannot be punished if blocked. Usually these moves have a very short recovery time, or they stun your opponent for a long enough so that you can block again before they're capable of retaliating.

Poke: A quick and often safe attack that's difficult to counter.

Meaty: This means to attack the opponent as they are standing up in such a way that only the latest active frames of the move strike the opponent. This is really powerful because it allows you to recover faster than normal if the attack is blocked or if it connects.

Cheap, Cheese: This means abusing certain moves that are too easy to do in regards to how powerful they are.

buffering, Cancel, Canceling, Cancelable, Super Cancel, 2-in-1: These mean to cancel the animation of one move to go into another. If something is, 'cancelable,' that means you can interrupt the animation of this move with another with some form of command. The most popular cancel is a normal move into a special move..

Fighting Heropotato Games On

Link: Timing the ending animation of one move so that the next move you do comes out at the precise moment the other one ends, resulting in a combo. For a more detailed explanation see this page.

Chain: A Chain combo is when specific normal moves cancel into each other. An example is Balrog's crouching Light Punch in Street Fighter 4.

Tick throw: To do a quick or mostly safe attack and then immediately throw your opponent. Usually this is difficult to counter and easy to do.

Cross, Cross Up: An attack that makes the other fighter block in the reverse direction they would normally have to. Usually refers to jumping attacks that hit behind the opponent or certain 'teleport'-like attack moves that quickly move from the opponent's left to their right or vice-versa.

Zoning: Staying or attempting to get yourself or your opponent into a certain area on the screen that is to your tactical advantage.

Lag tactics: Using/abusing the lag (latency) associated with online play to do tactics that normally aren't viable if you were playing someone face to face.

Dropper, Puller: Someone who leaves online matches when they're about lose before the battle is over, resulting in the other player not receiving a win.

GGs, Good games: Commonly said to another player after a match or a set of matches whether they earned it or not as a sign of respect and good nature.

Scrub: Someone who thinks they're a great player, but actually sucks.

Theory Fighter: Discussing tactics, strategies and theories with other players. Usually it breaks down to people arguing about why a certain tactic is, or is not effective, and offering several reasons for their opinions.

Spamming: Repeatedly doing a move over and over and over again, usually a 'safe' attack that cannot be countered easily.

Turtle: Someone who fights in a extremely defensive style, taking very few offensive risks and countering the moves his opponent does.

Rushdown: Refers to a relentless offensive style, mixing it up and attacking so rapidly that the opponent doesn't have time to adapt.

Mashing, Masher: Repeatedly pressing the buttons as quickly as possible, sometimes for no reason or with no sense of purpose.

Priority: A term used to address how well a certain move or attack will defeat others. For example, Chun-Li's crouching Medium Kick in Third Strike is a very high priority move that will beat out a huge amount of other moves.

OTG: Abbreviation for 'Off-the-ground'. Refers to moves that strike the opponent after they have been knocked down.

Juggle: Hitting a fighter who has already been knocked into the air. Since the opponent cannot defend himself against this, juggles are always counted towards the combo counter.

Sweep: Refers to any normal move that knocks the opponent off their feet.

Negative Edge: In certain fighting games where releasing an attack button can activate a special move just as well as pressing the button can.

Overhead Attack: An attack performed on the ground that must be blocked high.

Reversal: Executing a move as you're standing up. Some games require very strict timing on when you can perform a reversal.

Blockstun: The duration after you block an attack and cannot move.

Hitstun: The duration after you are struck with an attack and cannot defend.

QCF, Quarter-circle forward: To roll the joystick from the down to forward position.

QCB, Quarter-circle backward: To roll the joystick from the down to back position.

HCF, Half-circle forward: To roll the joystick from the back to forward position.

HCB, Half-circle backward: To roll the joystick from the forward to back position.

360, SPD: To roll the joystick hitting 7 points on it. It's a popular misconception that you have to go all the way around to successfully pull off a 360, when in reality you only have to hit 7 points.

LP, Light Punch, Jab: The weakest punch button.

MP, Medium Punch, Strong: The medium strength punch button.

HP, Hard Punch, Fierce: The strongest punch button.

LK, Light Kick, Short: The weakest kick button.

MK, Medium Kick, Forward: The medium strength kick button.

HK, Hard Kick, Roundhouse: The strongest kick button.

c.mk, cl.mk, f.mk: Combo terminology example. c. is for Crouching, cl. is for Close and f. is for Far. 'mk' in this example stands for Medium Kick.

Fireball, FB: A general term for projectiles.

DP, Dragon Punch, SRK: This has a double reference to Ryu's infamous Shoryuken, but in modern times the term 'DP' or 'SRK' refers to the motion itself and can be used when describing any move that shares the 'DP motion'.

SJC, Super Jump Cancel, HJC, High Jump Cancel: Canceling the animation of a move with a Super Jump.

Teching, Softening: This is when you counter your opponents throw attempt to some degree.

Super Armor, Hyper Armor: Armored attacks can absorb multiple hits before characters can be hit out of them. Super Armor usually works off a hit-point system where a certain number of hits will knock a character out of their move. Hyper armor means that an attack can absorb an infinite number of hits without being interrupted, but these moves are very rare.

Command Throw: A throw requiring a special input to execute. Regular throws can be 'teched' as described above, but most command throws are inescapable and offer guaranteed damage.

Dizzy, Dazed, Stunned: When you've hit your opponent so much that they're stunned for a brief period of time and have stars or some other icons floating around their head. Certain moves usually deal more stun than others.

Focus Attack, FA, Saving Attack, SA: Focus Attack, sometimes known as a Saving Attack. This is from Street Fighter 4 and it's done by pressing both Medium attack buttons at the same time. This makes you absorb one hit and then counter attack. Because of the confusion with the SA acronym, most American players try to refer to this as a Focus Attack.

EX-Move: In the Street Fighter games this is an improved version of a Special Move that takes a portion of your Super meter to execute. Doing an EX attack will make you briefly flash yellow.

Super, SA1, SA2, SA3, Super Art, Super Move: A super move is most often a more powerful version of a normal move and usually requires your, 'super meter,' to be at a certain level to execute. The SA1, SA2 and SA3 acronyms refer to Street Fighter 3 Super Arts. Each one has a Roman numeral attached to it. For example, Yun's Genei Jin has a Roman number III in it, so it would be referred to as an, 'SA3,' which stands for Super Art III.

Parrying: First introduced in Street Fighter 3. It's done by tapping forward for high attacks and down for low attacks at the moment of impact. It enables the person who parries to avoid damage or to counter-attack without block or hit stun.

Red Parrying, Guard Parrying: A technique in Street Fighter 3 where you parry out of continuous blockstun. For example, if Ryu did a crouching Medium Kick canceled into a fireball, a parry of the fireball would be a red parry since you're still in blockstun when you do it.

FADC, Focus Attack and Dash Cancel: A term used in Street Fighter 4 where you do a Focus Attack and then cancel it with a Dash.

Armor Breaking Move: An attack in Street Fighter 4 that can crush armored moves automatically. Reversals in Street Fighter 4 break armor, and every character has at least one special move that blows through Focus Attacks.

Burst, Mega Crash: A technique that can force the opponent's combo to end through an explosion of energy.

Balrog, Boxer, M. Bison (Japan): Balrog's name was changed from M(ike). Bison when Street Fighter 2 was released in the United States because Capcom was afraid of a lawsuit from Mike Tyson, whom Balrog closely resembles.

Thus in some circles he's simply known as the 'Boxer' to avoid confusion.

M. Bison, Dictator, Vega (Japan): When Street Fighter 2 was pitched to Capcom USA's marketing department, they believed that the name Vega was a weakling's name.

As such his name was changed from Vega in the Japanese release to M. Bison. To avoid confusion people refer to him as the 'Dictator.'

Vega, Claw, Balrog (Japan): Originally known as Balrog in the Japanese release of Street Fighter 2, Vega had his name changed along with two other boss characters.

To avoid confusion people refer to him as the 'Claw.'

Shotos, Shotokans: Used to define characters in a game that fight in the Shotokan karate style, usually Ryu and Ken and anyone with a similar move set, like Akuma.

SF2 WW: Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior.

SF2 CE: Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition.

SF2 HF, Turbo: Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting.

SSF2: Super Street Fighter 2.

SSF2T, ST: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

SFA, Alpha: Street Fighter Alpha.

SFA2, Alpha 2: Street Fighter Alpha 2.

SFA3, Alpha 3: Street Fighter Alpha 3.

XvsSF: X-Men vs. Street Fighter

MvsSF, MSHvsSF: Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

MvC, MvC1: Marvel vs. Capcom

MvC2: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

MvC3: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

UMvC3: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

CvS: Capcom vs. SNK

CvS2: Capcom vs. SNK 2

CvS2 EO: : Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (XBox, GameCube)

SF3: Street Fighter 3, New Generation

SF3, 2i: Street Fighter 3, 2nd Impact

SF3, 3s: Street Fighter 3, 3rd Strike

SF4, SFIV, Vanilla: Street Fighter 4


SSF4, SSFIV, Super, Super SF4: Super Street Fighter 4

SSF4 AE, AE: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

SSF2THD, HD Remix, SSF2T HD, SF2HD: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

TvC: CGoH: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes

TvC: UAS: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All Stars

SFxT: Street Fighter x Tekken

TxSF: Tekken x Street Fighter

Contributions to this guide by Panda, DR Jam, yflow and Sleazoid.

GameMIRACLEfool said on April 22, 2010 at 2:17 p.m.

What is an EX focus attack? Please give me an answer because I have no idea what that is.

andriand said on May 1, 2010 at 4 p.m.

EX focus attack happens when u do focus attack while doing a special move. for example, you do a Shoryuken with Ryu, and at the first hit, u press MP+MK. that should cancel the move with EX focus attack. it drains 2 of your super meter bars, and the main usage would be for canceling moves to continue your combo (using fadc after EX FA), or to prevent your special moves from whiffing.

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