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Besides my interest in history of Thailand, I also have an attention about the Universe in Thai Beliefs which in my opinion is the great resource for developing the Story Structure of RPG and MMORPG game.

Select your unique character in this game of feuds. Five kingdoms of the continent are participating in a bloody war to rule the world and you are one of them. Can you conquer the enemies and win the battle?

Prior to the introduction of astronomy and the knowledge of the solar system. Thai people held fast to the stories of the earth and the universe from the holy scripture. The universe, they were told, was vast, with the Sumeru Hill at the epicenter. It was surrounded by seven rivers, running through seven mountains, stretching to the edge of the universe.
On the Sumeru is the Indra’s heaven, where heavenly beings reside. The Supreme God and his followers live on the upper level, while earthlings scatter in the four continents. The one in the middle, Chomphu Continent, is the only resided by those with defilements, committing crimes that condemn them to hell.
The deep belief in universe has great influence on Thai life, which on the force of good and bad deeds in particular. Architects and artists working on religious structures and also refer to the belief, as seen in temple murals, the design plan and the buildings, laid in accordance with the concept of Buddhist cosmology.
Considering from the existing RPG and MMORPG games from the past to present (such as Dungeon and Dragon, Ultima, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Ragnarok Online, MapleStory and World of WarCraft etc.), the Story Structure of all these games are based on the Middle Ages of Europe which begin from collapse of the Roman Empire (476 A.D.) to the 15th century (before the Renaissance), the society was ruled under the Feudalism, Christendom, King, Nobleman, Knight and the beliefs in witch, wizard, evil and myths. Then the characters and props in these games are generally classified as Swordman, Thief, Acolyte, Archer, Mage, Merchant, Warrior and Wizard etc. The scenes often rely on repeatedly places such as Forest, Village, Castle and Dungeon.
In 1994, there was a big change in the Story Structure of the RPG game because of arrival of Final Fantasy VI on Super Nintendo which have changed the story from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolutionary Ages (~1760 A.D.), which have a lot of mechanical and steam engines as the element of game. After this change the Story Structure of subsequence Final Fantasy series have evolved and expanded into the unlimited way. This is the new flavor, new pleasure and new experience for the users.
Actually, the history and the beliefs of the Oriental are also interesting such as in the Tribhum Holy Scripture which was initiated in India (from the Brahman and Hindu) and subsequently widespread to the South East Asia. The cosmology and universe in Tribhum has many spectacular places, beings and social structure, for example, in the Himmapan forest of Chomphu Continent has a lot of amazing beings and creatures originated from imagination of the ancient such as the Waree Kunchorn (the creature which the mixed between elephant and fish) and Sagoon Kraisorn (the creature which the mixed between Sinkh and Bird) etc. These are the great resource for develop the classification system of pets and monsters in the RPG and MMORPG game.

Daniel Tudor is a British author, journalist and entrepreneur. Born in Manchester, England, he is now based in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated with a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from University of Oxford’s Somerville College and also received an MBA from the University of Manchester's Business School.[1]

Life and career[edit]

South Korea[edit]

Tudor first visited Korea to watch the 2002 World Cup at the invitation of a university friend. This was his first trip to Asia.[2] He decided to spend a year in South Korea upon graduation, and like many Westerners, his first job there was teaching English, in his case in an academy in Gimhae, Gyeongsang Province.[3]

The Economist[edit]

Tudor was The Economist’s Korea correspondent from 2010–2013, following an internship with the publication. His articles covered both South Korean and North Korean politics North Korean politics, as well as South Korean culture.[4]

Feudalismbuddhist Games

The Booth Brewing Co.[edit]

In 2012, Tudor wrote a piece for The Economist titled 'Fiery Food, Boring Beer,' in which he noted that South Koreans were known for their varied culinary traditions, but lagged behind North Korea when it came to beer culture and quality.[5] This caught the attention of Sunghoo Yang and Heeyoon Kim, who—with Tudor—co-founded The Booth Brewing Co. in 2013.[6] It started off as a small pub in a Seoul alleyway and has grown to a craft beer hub, with twenty beers produced across three continents.[7]

Kokkiri ('Elephant')[edit]

Tudor is also co-founder and CEO of Kokkiri, South Korea's most popular meditation app, in partnership with Haemin Sunim, a Buddhist monk and author of 'Things You Only See When You Slow Down' (멈추면 비로소 보인 것들).


Korea: The Impossible Country[edit]

Tudor’s first and bestselling book, Korea: The Impossible Country, was first published in 2012 by Tuttle Publishing. It was one of the first books on South Korea meant for Western audiences, exploring Korea’s cultural foundations: from family and marriage to workplace culture and clan-ism.[8] It was re-released in paperback in 2018 and has been translated for foreign language readers.

Feudalismbuddhist Games

A Geek in Korea[edit]

His second book, A Geek in Korea: Discovering Asia’s New Kingdom of Cool (Tuttle, 2014), also invited Western audiences to learn about modern South Korea, though it is aimed at younger audiences than his debut novel. It is an introduction to the exceedingly popular and recognizable culture—tackling topics such as K-Pop, video games and skiing[9]

North Korea Confidential[edit]


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North Korea Confidential (Tuttle, 2015) was co-authored with Reuters journalist James Pearson, and was named one of the best books of 2015 by The Economist. The authors’ goal was to peel back the curtain on daily life in North Korea, dispelling myths perpetuated in the Western world. According to The New York Times, 'North Korea Confidential' gives us a deeply informed close-up. Tudor, a former correspondent for The Economist, and Pearson, a Reuters reporter, have pieced together their story from North Korean insiders, defectors, diplomats and traders, and from a careful reading of texts in English, Korean and Chinese.' It has been translated into Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Romanian and Russian.

North Korean reception[edit]

When the book's Korean language edition was released in 2017, North Korea’s Central Court ordered two South Korean journalists and their newspaper publishers to death in absentia for their reviews of the book. The court said in a statement that journalists Son Hyo Rim (Dong-A Ilbo newspaper) and Yang Ji Ho (Chosun Ilbo newspaper), 'committed [the] hideous crime of seriously insulting the dignity of the DPRK by using dishonest contents carried by a propaganda book…'[10]

The court did not mention the authors or the other numerous media outlets that covered the book’s release. North Korean media outlet Korean Central News Agency said in an article that North Korea Confidential was written through, 'ludicrous statements of the riff-raffs including rubbish defectors two years ago.'[11]

Ask a North Korean[edit]

Ask A North Korean (Tuttle, 2018) is Tudor’s latest book. Adapted from a long running column in NK News by the same name, this book uses firsthand accounts from North Korean defectors to provide insight into life in the 'Hermit Kingdom.'[12]

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Other contributions[edit]

In addition to his work for The Economist, Tudor has also contributed to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Private Eye, Joongang Ilbo and Hankyoreh 21.


Buddhist Games For Kids

Tudor is a popular interviewee and commentator on Korean affairs. He has been featured on NPR,[13]Forbes,[14]BBC,[15]The New York Times,[16]TIME magazine,[17]Wall Street Journal,[18]TheWashington Post,[19]The Guardian,[20]Financial Times,[21]USA Today,[22] and The Japan Times,[23] among others.


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