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Burn videos including movies, homemade films, recorded meetings, etc., to DVD with DVD burning software is still a good way to storage video. Compare to a USB drive and cloud storage, in some cases, burning videos onto writable DVDs may be more convenient to share with others, and more affordable. Especially burn a video DVD, it can have a DVD menu structure and is playable on the DVD player.

There is a lot of free DVD burning software for Mac, but it may feel hard choosing from them. So, we have gathered some of the best and introduce simple burning steps for your reference.

BurnX is another free DVD burner for Mac and Windows, and HernanSoft develops this program. With a simple and user-friendly interface, BurnX lets you burn playable CD/DVD by dragging and dropping files to the program. Luckily, I still have an old Mac laptop running OS X Sierra (10.12.6), which is super handy because now I don’t need to go through all this rigamarole to keep using DVD Studio Pro. If you’re not as fortunate, here is how to download, install and run an older Mac OS from an external hard drive. Part 4: 3 Best Free DVD Burners for Mac Top 1: DVDStyler. DVDStyler is the best free DVD burning software for Mac. It is an open-source project, so you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux for free. For people who have limited budget, it is a good choice. Free to use without virus. Include DVD menu templates. Support popular video formats. Express Burn is one of the speediest Mac DVD burners that can burn audio, video or files to CD/DVD/Blu-ray and duplicate homemade DVDs. For video burning, it supports all video formats with a DirectShow based codec, and it also contains template menu screens and buttons for users to create DVD menu. DVD burning program: To burn video files to playable DVD on Mac, you need a Mac DVD burning software program like iDVD, ImgBurn, DVD Utility, etc. To help you complete the burning process. Source video file: You need to get source media files ready as well, either video files or photo files, or even audio files according to your own needs.

P.S. Just remind that if you burn the movie under copyright protection to DVD, it is illegal to share.


  • 1. [An Easy Mistake to Make] Data DVD and Video DVD
  • 2. Top 2 Free DVD Burners for Mac — Burn Videos onto DVD
  • 3. See this: A More Helpful Video DVD Burner for Mac

[An Easy Mistake to Make] Data DVD and Video DVD

When mention free DVD burning software for Mac, some people will firstly think of Finder or iTunes. Finder and iTunes can indeed burn DVD, but they can only burn a data DVD. Data DVD and Video DVD are different.

Data DVD is only readable on computers. It cannot be opened by DVD players. When creating a rewriteable data DVD, that is very similar to a USB drive. You can drag almost all the files in it. Image, songs, video, ISO image, text file, etc. can all be burned into the Data DVD.

Video DVD has a DVD video file structure: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. It is playable on the DVD software player on Mac, also the DVD player (hardware) for Television.

In the next, we are going to introduce the best free Video DVD burners for Mac, and a brief introduction to the operations. If you want to burn a Data DVD, you can view the Apple official support here: Burn CDs and DVDs on Mac. Using the built-in burner is one of the best ways to burn a Data DVD on Mac.

Top 2 Free DVD Burners for Mac — Burn Videos onto DVD

1. Burn

Seemingly as its name suggests, Burn works as a reliable Mac free DVD burner catering to your need. Once launching the software, you will encounter a succinct interface directly telling you a burning division of four modes: Data, Audio, Video, and Copy.

Dvd Burner For Macbook Pro

Step 1. Launch Burn after inserted a blank DVD disc in your Mac, then choose DVD-Video modes. If the disc is not blank and you have not erased it, then button 'Burn' cannot be clicked at all.

Step 2. Here, you will need to drag the video into Burn. Burn only support video in MPG format. No matter which format of video you import, Burn will convert it to MPG.

Step 3. Click on 'Burn' to start burning video DVD.


Dvd Burner For Mac

1. It has a clear and simple interface.


Dvd burner for mac

1. No choice of selecting DVD menu templates.

2. Performance is not that stable.

2. DVDStyler

Among free DVD burners, DVDStyler is probably the most powerful tool to create DVD templates. In addition to the built-in templates, DVDStyler allows adding own pictures on your Mac to be the DVD menu's background. Although it is powerful in templates and DVD options such as adjusting the video/audio formats, video bitrate, it has disadvantage on the interface. The interface of this product feels like the software 10 years ago. Moreover, it does not optimize for many computer screen resolutions. On my MacBook Pro, the interface of DVDStyler is blurry.

Step 1. Drag a video or a series of videos into DVDStyler. Then select a background picture for the DVD menu. You can click on 'File browser' to select an image on your Mac.

Step 2. Click on 'Buttons' to set DVD menu interactive buttons. After that, click on the donut-shape icon to burn.

Step 3. Wait a while to successfully generate DVD.


Tips: Just like product 'Burn', you will need to erase first with this Mac built-in feature if it is not a blank DVD disc.


1. It has a good DVD menu customization function.

2. It has a discussion help on its official sites. It will be easy to get help from other users.


1. Outdated interface.

See this: A More Helpful Video DVD Burner for Mac

Apart from finding an admired free DVD burner, you should not miss this professional one for Mac. That is VideoSolo DVD Creator. This reliable video DVD burner for Mac can not only help users to get DVD designed by themselves, but also edit the videos before saving them into the DVD. VideoSolo DVD Creator, with its simple and clean design, is handy for everyone to use.

It can add so many kinds of videos. The supported video formats are listed at VideoSolo DVD Creator Tech Specs. Another benefit is, you don't even need to erase the DVD disc before burning. If the burner has detected that your disc is not blank, it will remind and you can choose to continue burning.

Star Features of VideoSolo DVD Creator

* Has the ability to edit the video, add subtitle, and add an external audio track to the video.

* Offer real-time preview for amending the DVD video conveniently.

* Offer beautiful templates; also allow users to DIY DVD menu in their preferences.

* Stable performance in burning DVD disc.

The simple tutorial shows clearly in 'Getting Started' on the main interface. For a more detailed tutorial, you can read How to Burn DVD on Macbook Pro/Air with VideoSolo DVD Creator. It is extremely easy to burn a playable video DVD with this product.

Tips 1. When a window pops up to choose, you will need to click 'Internal burner' to generate a video DVD. 'Using system tool' is to generating data DVD.

Tips 2. With VideoSolo DVD Creator, you don't need to erase DVD with Mac tool before burning. It will detect it automatically and it can erase the disc in the program.

By now, quite a lot of Mac free DVD burners go viral on the market. The free DVD burners are worth a trial with satisfying performance. Although it needs no charge to use the free DVD burners, a professional one can be more reliable. Therefore, if you need to burn DVD in a more professional way, try VideoSolo DVD Creator. Now, it is time for you to get a piece of the ideal DVD!

In many cases, you want to burn video to DVD on your Mac. Though burning a video to a CD or DVD is no longer as popular as it once was, there are still times when you'll need to burn DVD with your Mac. Here comes the question, how to burn a DVD on a Mac? Just keep reading to find how to burn DVD on Mac.

Burn a DVD on a Mac

Part 1. How to burn a DVD on a Mac

Before you start to burn DVD on Mac, you should confirm that if your Mac is equipped with a built-in optical drive. You need to connect an external DVD drive if Mac doesn't have. Then you can follow the next guide to burn video to DVD on Mac.

Insert a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW. Your Mac will automatically launch DVD Player and play your DVD. Once it launches, quit it. You can see your DVD disc appear on the Desktop.

Enter 'Disk Utility' in 'Launchpad' to open 'Disk Utility' on Mac.

Click 'Burn' on the top list and then select ISO file on the new pop-up window. Click 'Burn' button to start the next step.

When the 'Burn Disc' window pops up, click 'Burn'. You may see another pop-up window, click 'Erase' to burn DVD on Mac. Or you will directly burn a DVD on a Mac.

Part 2. Better way to burn DVD on Mac

With the first method, you can handily burn a DVD on a Mac. However, you may notice that, you can only burn ISO file to DVD. If you want to burn MP4/MOV video to DVD, you are not allowed to do that. Here we sincerely recommend the professional Mac DVD Creator to help you burn DVD on Mac. First, you can free download and install it on your Mac.


Step 1 Launch Mac DVD Creator

Download, install and run this powerful DVD burning software on your Mac.

Dvd burner for macbook proBurner

Step 2 Add video file(s)

Click 'Add Files' on the top list to add video to this Mac DVD burner.

Step 3 Insert DVD disc

Dvd Burner For Macbook

Insert a blank DVD disc to your Mac DVD drive. If your Mac does not have a DVD drive, you need to connect a third party DVD drive via USB plug in.

Select the target DVD disc from the 'Destination' drop-down list. If you just need to create DVD folder or ISO image file, you can choose to save as DVD Folder or save as ISO (*.iso) and set the destination folder.

Step 4 Edit menu

Dvd Burner For Mac Free

Click 'Burn' button and then select the menu for the output DVD in the preview window. Also you can click 'Edit menu' button to do some further editing on the menu, like menu style, frame, button, background music/picture, and so on.

Step 5 Burn DVD on Mac

Click the 'Burn' button to start burning DVD on Mac.

In this article, we mainly talk about how to burn a DVD on a Mac. Whether you want to directly burn ISO to DVD with Disk Utility, or burn video to DVD with Mac DVD Creator, you easily burn DVD on Mac after reading this post.

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