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Dogfight 2 has pretty interesting game menu, in menu you can change settings of the game (graphics from low to high quality and controls of the game as well), you can visit high score tab and check who set another world record in the game, you can check instructions of the game and find out how you can control your plane and which buttons to use.

MusicBenj Pasek
Justin Paul
LyricsBenj Pasek
Justin Paul
BookPeter Duchan
by Bob Comfort
Productions2012 Off-Broadway
2014 Off-West End
2015 Sydney
2015 Netherlands
2017 Germany
2018 Austria
2019 Norway
  • In 1963, the night before the 18 years old 'Birdlace' Eddie and his friends are shipped to Vietnam. They play a dirty game called 'Dogfight': all of them seek a woman for a party, and who finds the most ugly one, wins a prize. Eddie finds the lonesome pacifist Rose working in a coffee shop.
  • DogFight is a VR experience interactive entertainment application where the aim is to keep shooting down enemy planes before they destroy the allied boat. Your job is to protect the boat from enemy kamikaze fighter planes. You can play as the fighter pilot with first-person view of the pilot.

Dogfight is a musical with music and lyrics by Pasek & Paul and a book by Peter Duchan. It is an adaptation of Nancy Savoca's 1991 film Dogfight.[1] The musical premiered Off-Broadway at the Second Stage Theatrein 2012, and in August 2014, the musical had its European premiere at the Southwark Playhouse in London.


The musical opened on July 16, 2012 at the Second Stage Theatre, after previews from June 27, and concluded its limited run on August 19. The show was directed by Joe Mantello and choreographed by Christopher Gattelli. Its original production starred Lindsay Mendez as Rose. Derek Klena as Eddie, and Josh Segarra as Boland. The cast also included Nick Blaemire, Annaleigh Ashford, Steven Booth, Becca Ayers, Adam Halpin, Dierdre Friel, F. Michael Haynie, and James Moye. David Zinn designed sets and costumes and Paul Gallo designed the lights.

The show received rave reviews for its writers and for leading lady Lindsay Mendez's performance.[2]

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The original cast recording was released on April 30, 2013.[3]

Other productions[edit]

Dogfight played at the Southwark Playhouse in London from August 8, 2014, through September 13, 2014, in a production directed by Matt Ryan and starring Laura Jane Matthewson as Rose and Jamie Muscato as Eddie.[4]

The first New York regional production played White Plains Performing Arts Center September 19–21, 2014,[5] produced by WPPAC and the Harrison Summer Theatre.

The Australian premiere is presented by Neil Gooding Productions in association with the Hayes Theatre Co, Sydney, opening on May 1, 2015, with direction by Neil Gooding.[6]

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The first fully translated production of Dogfight in Dutch opened on June 11, 2015 at the M-Lab theatre in Amsterdam.[7]

The Chicago premiere of Dogfight opened on September 5, 2015 at Theater Wit with BoHo Theatre. Under the direction of Peter Marston Sullivan, the show was led by Jeff-nominated actress Emily Goldberg (as Rose) and Garrett Lutz (as Eddie Birdlace).

The San Francisco premiere of Dogfight opened on September 22, 2015 at San Francisco Playhouse, with direction by Bill English.[8]

On October 2, 2015 Dogfight made its New Zealand premiere at Auckland Music Theatre, with direction by Katie Flood.[9]

The Oklahoma premiere of Dogfight opened on January 23, 2015 at Upstage Theatre, with direction by Patrick Towne, and music direction by Joey Harbert.

The Irish premiere of the show took place in the Granary Theatre, Cork from September 13–15, 2016 with direction by Emily Hutt, musical direction by Michael Young and starring Pearse O'Donoghue as Birdlace, Saoirse Garet as Rose, Mark O'Sullivan as Boland and Shane Corcoran as Bernstein.

The Arizona premier of Dogfight opened on July 14, 2017 at Brelby Theatre of Glendale, with direction by Shelby Maticic, and music direction by CJ O'Hara.[10]

On the 6th of May in 2017, the show opened in Germany at the Theater für Niedersachsen – Hildesheim, in a complet first German translation with the name 'Dogfight – Ein hässliches Spiel'.[11]

A new amateur production of Dogfight played March 6–10, 2018 at London's Bridewell Theatre, produced by Sedos.[12][13]

The Next Chapter Actors production of Dogfight was held August 10–11 in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. Production Director: Kyle Weidman of Little Chute, Wisconsin.

The Belgian premiere of Dogfight, produced by Karthago, opened in GC De Kluize (Oosterzele) on April 12, 2019. The show is directed by Arne Schögler who also did translations and choreography. Musical direction by An Verleysen.

The Scandinavian premiere of Dogfight opened in Oslo at Riksscenen for a limited run on August 26, 2019. Directed by Renate Stridh, choreography by Miguel-Angel Fernandez. Musical direction by Petter Kragstad. This production added three female ensemble members. These were Helene Wibrand as Peggy/ensemble, Andrea Rymoen as Suzette/ensemble and Ingrid Nören Stenersen as Chippy/ensemble. BroadwayWorld Norway called it 'an outstanding musical with tender and heartfelt performances.' [14]


Act One[edit]

In 1967, Eddie Birdlace, a U.S. Marine just returned from Vietnam, rides a Greyhound bus heading for San Francisco. As he travels through the night, he remembers Rose Fenny ('Prelude: Take Me Back') and the night he spent in San Francisco four years earlier. Memories overwhelm him and suddenly it is November 21, 1963.

The Greyhound bus becomes a military bus, carrying Private First Class Birdlace and his rowdy fellow Marines, fresh out of training and ready for action. Arriving in San Francisco, they are eager to take the town by storm on their last night in the United States ('Some Kinda Time'). Birdlace and his two best friends, Boland and Bernstein, who call themselves the Three Bees ('We Three Bees'), are participating in a dogfight, a cruel game with simple rules. Each Marine puts $50 in the pot. The one who brings the ugliest date to the party wins the money. Birdlace and his friends set off to scour the city for potential dates ('Hey Good-Lookin').

Birdlace ends up in a diner, where he sees Rose, a shy waitress, quietly playing guitar in a corner booth. He flirts with her, eventually inviting Rose to be his date ('Come to a Party'). Not knowing the true purpose of the evening, she is excited to go on her first date. She tears items from her closet, searching for the perfect dress ('Nothing Short of Wonderful'). Meanwhile, other Marines find their dates, including Boland, who breaks the established rules of the dogfight by inviting Marcy, a wisecracking, near-toothless prostitute eager to win a share of the cash prize that comes with being deemed the ugliest date ('Come to a Party (Reprise)').

As Birdlace and Rose walk to the party, she is chatty, revealing her folk music aspirations and her burgeoning pacifism. When they reach the Nite Lite, a club rented for the party, Birdlace finds himself questioning his plan to subject her to the event. He suggests they go somewhere else and get a bite to eat. Rose believes his change of heart means he is embarrassed by her, that he does not want his friends to meet her. Conflicted, Birdlace acquiesces and they enter the party.

At the table with his friends and their dates, Birdlace drinks heavily and grows sour. He tries unsuccessfully to keep Rose off the dance floor during the slow dance, when the contest is officially judged. As they dance, each Marine presents his date for judging ('That Face'). It is determined that Marcy is the ugliest, crowning Boland the big winner. Later, in the ladies room, Marcy reveals to Rose the true nature of the party ('Dogfight'). A distraught Rose returns to Birdlace. She is furious and deeply hurt and slaps him hard across the face. 'I hope there's a war and you get killed,' she tells him, before escaping in shame. Back home in her bedroom, surrounded by rejected dresses and dashed hopes, Rose beats herself up for having believed Birdlace's lies ('Pretty Funny').

Act Two[edit]

The Marines, reckless and invincible, continue their debaucherous last night with a trip to the arcade and then by visiting a prostitute ('Hometown Hero's Ticker Tape Parade'). But Birdlace cannot bring himself to revel like his friends do. Feeling terrible about how he treated Rose, he leaves them and goes to her. He apologizes as best he can and offers to make it up to her by taking her out to a fancy dinner. At first incredulous, Rose sees Birdlace's apology, though misguided and inarticulate, is in fact genuine. She consents to the date, demanding they never again discuss the dogfight ritual and its indignities. They cautiously set out on their date ('First Date, Last Night').

At a swanky restaurant, Rose challenges Birdlace's tough exterior and cuts through his posturing, lies, and bravado. They share a meal and inch closer to understanding each other. Later, they take in the late-night view from the Golden Gate Bridge. Rose tells Birdlace that, despite its unpleasantness, what happened earlier that night has helped her to a new understanding. She can no longer allow herself to be defined by what other people think of her ('Before It's Over'). In the remaining hours before Birdlace must report and ship out, Rose nervously invites him home with her. They share an awkward and romantic first sexual experience ('Give Way').

The next morning Birdlace returns to his buddies and the world of casual cruelty that shaped him ('Some Kinda Time (Reprise)'). The Marines head overseas, where they will be pawns in the growing Vietnam War. Birdlace sees his friends, including Boland and Bernstein, killed in action. These harsh memories linger as Birdlace arrives in San Francisco in 1967, a broken, confused, lost man, unwelcome and derided ('Come Back'). Birdlace makes his way through the changed city to find an older, wiser Rose at the diner. Compassionate as ever, she welcomes him home ('Finale: Take Me Back').

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Cast and characters[edit]

Character2012 Off-Broadway Production2014 Off-West End Production[15]2014

NY Regional Premiere

2015 Australian Production[16]2015 European Amateur Premiere2015 Dutch Production[17]2015 Chicago Professional Premiere2017 Germany First German Premiere[18]2017 Midwest Regional Premiere2018 Vienna's English Theater2019 Scandinavian Premiere Oslo2019 2nd Stage Concert
Rose FennyLindsay MendezLaura Jane MatthewsonGina GentileHilary ColeCecily RedmanEline de JongEmily GoldbergElisabeth KöstnerAmanda HennenHelena LennBenedicte SørenMichaela Diamond
Eddie BirdlaceDerek KlenaJamie MuscatoDustin SmithLouis LucenteMaison KelleyJeffrey ItaliaanderGarrett LutzTim MüllerLuke HargerDaniele SpampinatoSigurd Vespestad MarthinussenDerek Klena
BolandJosh SegarraCellen Chugg JonesColin EaryesToby FrancisJames Mateo-SaltStef van GelderMatt FryeFriedrich Lukas SandmannBryce CrandallEduardo Medina BarcenasEndre SkattumRyan Vasquez
BernsteinNick BlaemireNicholas CorreTyler HensonRowan WittAidan CutlerLuuk MelisseNick GraffagnaJürgen BrehmJace LeGardeChristopher AguilarBendik Hvoslef-EideSky Lakota-Lynch
MarcyAnnaleigh AshfordRebecca TrehearnChelsea AlfredoJohanna AllenLauren KeyIris OppatjaMary Kate YoungTeresa ScherhagCally StanichRoberta AjelloTone Oline KnivsflåNatalie Walker
StevensAdam HalpinJoshua DowenDavid CroninKyle SapsfordGeorge StuartSilencio PinasTravis Austin WrightBjörn SchäfferSam HildestadAlex Bermann
FectorF. Michael HaynieSamuel J WeirShawn SmithHaydan HawkinsFrazer ShineRuben Van keerMatt ProvençalMaurice Daniel ErnstWill RaffertyDavid PaulFrank Engelvoll
GibbsSteven BoothCiaran JoyceSteven LibertoJack Van StaverenAlistair SmithJorrit de VriesNeil StratmanJens KrauseSeth HannaschMarvin SchrieblSindre Fløistad
MamaBecca AyersAmanda MinihanPaulette OlivaDanielle BarnesLucy FollowsRhona RoodeJillian WeingartLaura MannRachael RondingKudra OwensMariane Snekkestad
Ruth Two BearsDierdre FrielEmily Olive BoydNatalia FogartyEmily HaveaAmber LloydMarie KörblCarisa GonzalezTanja Kleine / Sandra PanglLauren HughRosa EnziHenriette Lerstad
Lounge SingerJames MoyeMatthew CuttsDouglas Katch GrayMark SimpsonChris WolversonSilencio PinasPeter RobelFehmi GöklüBrendan FinnGeorg HasenzaglKim Helge Strømmen

Musical numbers[edit]

Act I
  • 'Prelude: Take Me Back' – Rose, Birdlace & Company
  • 'Some Kinda Time' – Birdlace & Marines
  • 'We Three Bees'* – Birdlace, Boland & Bernstein
  • 'Hey Good Lookin' – Marines & Girls
  • 'Come to a Party' – Birdlace & Rose
  • 'Nothing Short of Wonderful' – Rose
  • 'Come to a Party' (Reprise) – Rose, Marcy & Marines (excluding Boland)
  • 'That Face' – Lounge Singer with Bernstein, Boland, & Stevens
  • 'Dogfight' – Marcy & Rose
  • 'Pretty Funny' – Rose
Act II
  • 'Hometown Hero's Ticker Tape Parade' – Birdlace, Bernstein, Boland & Marines
  • 'First Date/Last Night' – Rose & Birdlace
  • 'Before It's Over' – Rose
  • 'Hometown Hero's Ticker Tape Parade' (Reprise)* – Boland & Bernstein
  • 'Give Way' – Rose & Company
  • 'Some Kinda Time' (Reprise) / War Sequence – Birdlace & Marines
  • 'Take Me Back' (Hippie Reprise)* – Hippies
  • 'Come Back' – Birdlace
  • 'Finale: Take Me Back' – Company

*Not included on the Original Cast Recording


  • Piano-Conductor
  • Electric and Acoustic Bass
  • Cello
  • Drums-Percussion
  • Acoustic/ Electric Guitar
  • Violin[19]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Original Off-Broadway production[edit]

2013Drama Desk AwardOutstanding Actress in a MusicalLindsay MendezNominated[20]
Drama League AwardsOutstanding Production of a Broadway or Off-Broadway MusicalNominated[21]
Distinguished PerformanceLindsay MendezNominated
Lucille Lortel AwardsOutstanding MusicalWon[22]
Outstanding ChoreographerChristopher GattelliWon
Outer Critics Circle AwardsOutstanding New Off-Broadway MusicalNominated[23]
Outstanding Book of a Musical (Broadway or Off-Broadway)Peter DuchanNominated
Outstanding New Score (Broadway or Off-Broadway)Pasek & PaulNominated
Outstanding Actress in a MusicalLindsay MendezNominated
Outstanding Lighting DesignPaul GalloNominated


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A dogfight is a close air fight between fighter planes. It often involves turning, climbing, and swirling.

Dogfights started during World War I when the fighter planes did not have many weapons.

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The first aerial dogfight occurred during the Battle of Cer (15–24 August 1914), when Serbian aviator Miodrag Tomić encountered an Austro-Hungarian plane while performing a reconnaissance mission over Austro-Hungarian positions. The Austro-Hungarian pilot initially waved, and Tomić waved back. The Austro-Hungarian pilot then fired at Tomić with his revolver. [1] Tomić produced a pistol of his own and fired back. Tomić managed to escape, and within several weeks, all Serbian and Austro-Hungarian planes were fitted with machine-guns.[2]

Modern weapons such as homing missiles did not exist in that time, and planes could only fight each other with machine guns. Since the machine guns were only useful at close range, the planes had to fly very close together to have combat. Pilots had to fly with many maneuvers to try to not be shot, and be able to shoot the enemy planes. This new type of flying was named dogfighting. Fighter planes made just for this type of flying were sometimes called dogfighters. During World War II many had autocannons firing small, explosive artillery shells. They kept farther apart so they would not be destroyed quickly.

In modern air combat, there are many long range weapons that can be used before dogfighting. Homing missiles can be fired much further away from the target than machine guns, and will automatically try to follow the target. These types of weapons make dogfighting less common, but modern planes still have Gatling guns, which are more advanced kinds of machine guns. This is because dogfighting still happens sometimes.

References[changechange source]

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