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Dental Milestones Guaranteed – for over 50 years in more than 80 countries. Whether for precise impressions or reliable temporary and permanent restorations: DMG has been helping dentists and dental technicians for more than five decades in their daily work - with innovative branded products 'made in Germany', in which there is real inventiveness. DMG Children's Rehabilitative Services 3141 N. 3rd Avenue, Suite 100Phoenix, AZ 85013Phone: (602) 914-1520 Specialties: Pediatrics Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday Services Provided: DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) offers families a state-of-the-art facility within a friendly. At District Medical Group Children’s Rehabilitative Services (DMG CRS), you will find a caring, comforting and stimulating environment for not only your child but your whole family. After installing DMG Extractor, all you have to do is double-click your DMG file to open it up. You can browse the files right in the DMG Extractor window if you just want to see what’s inside the DMG file. If you need to extract the file, click the “Extract” button on the toolbar, and then choose one of the extraction options. What is a DMG File (And How Do I Use One)? DMG files are containers for apps in macOS. You open them, drag the app to your Applications folder, and then eject them, saving you the hassle of the dreaded “Install Wizard” of most Windows apps.

Our services involve all aspects of resort real estate development and operations. In addition to development services, we provide comprehensive on-going or interim management and advisory services to companies involved in the resort and recreational community development industry. Included in this are: residential developments, hotels, membership clubs, and timeshare projects; and amenity development/operations such as: golf courses, tennis centers, marinas, and food and beverage facilities. These services encompass:


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What distinguishes us is our hands-on experience. We have directly managed the development, operations, and disposition of billions of dollars of real estate assets. Unlike real estate consulting companies, we can both generate strategies and solutions, and implement them on behalf of our clients.


We are highly experienced in the turnaround and disposition of financially troubled assets. As hands-on developers and managers, our unique expertise reflects the knowledge derived from over 30 years of bottom-line responsibilities for a wide range of real estate projects and products.

Our combined experience spans the mainland US, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Central America and the Middle East – and encompasses virtually all types of real estate and real estate-related assets.

The majority of plastics do not get recycled for many reasons: they are too expensive to collect, clean, sort and separate, they have little recyclable value, or there simply aren’t enough recycling plants. These unrecyclable and unrecycled plastics are wasted through being buried in the ground in landfill or are fed into an incineration plant, from which only minimal inherent energy is recovered.

DMG® is a new type of Chemical Recycling, a form of Advanced Conversion Technology that takes these wasted plastics and recovers the maximum amount of calorific value (energy) through its innovative approach to waste management.

Firstly the plastics are broken up and shredded in to similar size pieces to allow feeding into the DMG® Thermal Conversion Chamber … which is where the transformation from waste into clean energy happens.

The process involves the plastic being heated to a very high temperature where within a few seconds it melts and is vaporised into gases. Further heating within the Chamber reforms the molecules into a synthetic gas known as “syngas”, comprising a mixture of largely methane, hydrogen and a smaller volume of carbon monoxide. The Thermal Conversion Chamber operates without oxygen, so there is no burning, however a non-combusting oxidising agent in the form of steam is added to control the process and the quality of the syngas. Once through the Conversion Chamber the syngas is cleaned, leaving behind a few inert harmless residues, which are typically less than 5% of the starting volume of waste plastics. These residues can then be reused for other purposes or safely disposed of.

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The resulting gas produced is similar in calorific value to the Natural Gas used as the fuel for cooking and heating homes and businesses across the country.

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A small portion of this syngas produced is used to provide the heat required to run the Thermal Conversion Chamber, making the whole process self-sustaining once its running; a small amount of natural gas being required to start it.

Another by product is heat, which can be captured and made available for export as a saleable product to neighbouring industries for heating or cooling their processes.

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The energy rich syngas is then further processed to generate electricity and hydrogen.

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Electricity is generated by passing the syngas through a series of engines that export electrical power for local distribution via a private electricity grid or to the national grid for homes and businesses. The engines are traditional design with modern exhaust clean up equipment to minimise emissions to the environment.