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The Pakistan Administrative Service, or PAS (Urdu: تعمیلاتِ منتظمہِ پاکستان‎) (previously known as the District Management Group or DMG before 1 June 2012) is the most elite and prestigious cadre of the Civil Service of Pakistan.[1][2] The Pakistan Administrative Service over the years has emerged as the most consolidated and developed civil institution, with the PAS officers of Grade 22 often seen as stronger than the federal government ministers. The service of PAS is very versatile in nature and officers are assigned to different departments all across Pakistan during the course of their careers. Almost all of the country's highest profile positions such as the Federal Secretaries, the provincial Chief Secretaries, and chairmen of top-heavy organisations like the National Highway Authority, Trading Corporation of Pakistan and State Life Insurance Corporation usually belong to the elite Pakistan Administrative Service.[3][4]

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From district administration to the highest levels of policy making in the federal government, the officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service play the most pivotal part in running the entire country

Officers in this group are recruited through an extremely high competitive examination held once a year by the Federal Public Service Commission. Those selected for this group have to undergo a two-year training programme at the Civil Services Academy (CSA) in Lahore.[1][5]

Notable PAS officers[edit]


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  • Nargis Sethi[6]
  • Nasir Mahmood Khosa[1]


The Indian Civil Service (ICS)—also known once as Imperial Civil Service in British India, predecessor of the Civil Service of Pakistan and District Management Group—was established by the British to bolster the British Raj. After Indian independence in 1947, the Indian Civil Service component ceded to Pakistan was initially renamed the Pakistan Administrative Service. Later, it was renamed the Civil Service of Pakistan. In 1954, an agreement was reached between the Governor General of Pakistan and the governors of the provinces to constitute an All-Pakistan service valid throughout Pakistan.[7]

Later under administrative reforms of 1973, the name of Civil Service of Pakistan was changed to All-Pakistan Unified Group (APUG), which consists of the Pakistan Administrative Service, Police Service of Pakistan and Secretariat Group. Since 1973, each year a new batch of officers undergo a 'Common Training Programme' (CTP) which includes officers of various occupational groups at the Civil Services Academy.[6]

Appointments of PAS Officers[edit]

After completing initial training and probation at the Civil Services Academy, officers are posted in field offices throughout Pakistan on Basic Pay Scale (BPS)-17 grade appointments. Officers of the rank of Captains (within 3 to 6 years' service) and equivalents from defense services are also inducted (in three occupational groups; P.A.S, Police and Foreign Services) on allocated quota after recommendations of Chairman Federal Public Service Commission.[6]

Officers of PAS are first appointed typically as Assistant Commissioners of sub-divisions. They will simultaneously be charged with the responsibilities of Assistant Commissioners of Sub-Divisional level.[6]

The Basic Pay Scales (BPS grades) are enumerated (in order of increasing responsibility) such as:

  • Under Secretary to Provincial Government
  • Section Officer in Federal Secretariat
  • Assistant Commissioner (AC)
  • Assistant Political Agent (APA)
  • Assistant Director of Federal / Provincial Department
Field appointment of AC combines roles of Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and Assistant Collector (Land Revenue)
  • Deputy Secretary to Provincial Government
  • Senior Section Officer in Federal Secretariat
  • Deputy Commissioner (DC) for a smaller district
  • Political Agent (PA) for a smaller agency
  • Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) for a larger district
  • Additional Political Agent for a larger agency
  • Deputy Director of a Federal / Provincial Department
Field appointment of DC combines roles of District Magistrate (DM) and Collector (Land Revenue)
  • Deputy Secretary to the Government of Pakistan
  • Additional Secretary to Provincial Government
  • Additional Commissioner of a Larger Administrative Division (Appointment created on required basis).
  • Deputy Commissioner (DC) for a larger district
  • Political Agent (PA) for a larger agency
  • Project Manager for Federal Scheme
  • Director of a Federal / Provincial Department
  • Joint Secretary to the Government of Pakistan
  • Secretary to Provincial Government
  • Member Provincial Board of Revenue
  • Commissioners of Administrative Divisions
  • Director General of Federal Department
  • Project Director for Federal Scheme
Divisional Commissioners were previously under Members of Board of Revenue but now they are directly responsible to the Chief Secretary of respective Province

Equivalent to Brigadier (1-star officer) of the Armed Forces

  • Acting Secretary to the Government of Pakistan
  • Additional Secretary to the Government of Pakistan
  • Additional Chief Secretary to Provincial Government (e.g. ACS Services)
  • Chairman Provincial Planning and Development Board
  • Senior Member Provincial Board of Revenue
  • Commissioners of Larger Administrative Divisions
  • Chairman of Federal Organisations
  • Chief Executive / Managing Director of Public Corporation
  • Chief Secretary to AJK / Gilgit-Baltistan Government.
Equivalent to Major General (2-star officer) of the Armed Forces
  • Director General of Autonomous Federal Department/Agency
  • Chairman of Autonomous Federal Organisation
  • Managing Director / Chief Executive of Autonomous Public Corporation
Highest attainable rank for a serving officer

Equivalent to Lieutenant General (3-star officer) of the Armed Forces

Post-devolution (2001) scenario[edit]

Magistracy continues to be exercised in the federal capital; however, the institution of the office of the Deputy Commissioner has been deprived of its previously held legal authority elsewhere in the country.

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