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Demolition City: Place dynamite on concrete frames to demolish buildings in this physics based, point-and-click puzzle game. Play for Free! Demolition City 2, File Size: 2.96 Mb, Rating: 90.91% with 35 votes, Played: 7,625 times from October-27th-2009 Description: Travel all over the world and fulfill demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help. Demolition City 2 - Demolition Games - PhysicsGames Demolition City 2 Travel all over the world and fulfil demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help. Utilise different explosives and strategically take down buildings without causing too much damage to the surrounding environment.

Demolition City is all about buildings and blasting. Who wouldn’t want to play a game that has you blow up buildings with dynamite? Everyone is appealed by a little destruction. There’s something charming about a lot of destruction and destruction is something that this game has a lot of.

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There are 20 levels for massive destruction here. And the premise is very simple. Simply place the dynamite at the right places for the buildings to be demolished. Once you’ve placed the dynamite at the right places simply click the BOOM! Icon on the screen and well, watch the buildings go BOOM!

A few conditions for maximum destruction

There are some conditons that must be followed for the best destruction to be obtained in the levels.

Demolition City 2spiter Games

Below the Borderline

Firstly, there is a borderline below the building, and directly above the building’s foundation. It’s always a prerequisite in all the levels that, once the building is blasted to bits that there is no debris above the borderline. Because in all the levels you are demolishing buildings made of long steel pipes, in some levels, this can actually be a chore. This makes placement of the dynamite charges very important.

Don’t hit your neighbor

Aside from the borderline, in some levels there is a neighboring building just beside the building to be demolished. In these levels, you cannot bump or hit the opposite building with any debris. Again because of this extra condition placement of the dynamite is very important.

Black pipes

Also keep in mind that you cannot place any dynamite sticks on the black pipes. You can only place them on the white sticks. This makes them sturdier and harder to take down than the white pipes. And take note that sometimes they will be more black pipes than white pipes in a building.

Some Tips

Watch your dynamite. The game will give you various amounts of dynamite per level. In some levels you can get 3. In some as many as 8 and usually a number between 3 and 8. It’s really up to you if you want to use all the dynamite that the game gives you in a certain level or not. Just remember, sometimes you don’t really need to use all the dynamite to bring the building down. Usually positioning the dynamite right is the most important factor.

Positioning the dynamite: As stated earlier, positioning the dynamite right is probably the most important factor in this game. You must place the sticks at the exact position to bring the building down at just the right angle and to avoid going over the border or hitting your neighbor. So place those sticks on right.

Keep blowing up buildings to earn money and raise your score in the game.

If you’re really having a tough time blowing up the buildings there is a link in the game to various walkthroughs. The game is still very easy to play and get into however.

Demolition City 2spiter Games Free Play

Overall presentation and Age Appropriateness

The graphics are very simple but colorful and clear in this game. The buildings are easy to identify and generally nice to look at. The sounds are actually quite catchy. The tunes are a strange mix of 1920’s music or music from some old westerns. It’s all right as the music doesn’t distract from the the game.

Even though the game is all about blowing up things there really isn’t any violence or shocking scenes in the game. There’s no people in the buildings and no blood whatsoever. Because of this, the game is very appropriate to be played by anyone of any age.

Demolition City 2spiter Games Download

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Demolition City 2spiter Games To Play

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