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Daewoo Doosan Forklift History

It’s not just the exclusive and ultimately powerful machines of Doosan that make the brand one of the most established manufacturers of heavy machinery. Even before Doosan acquired Daewoo Heavy Industries in 2005, the brand had already seen a lot of potential of pushing their innovation to the top, to its optimal performance in the most cost-effective methods.


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To know more about the power of Doosan Forklifts and its parts for sale, we must consider first the long track of consistent development and success of Doosan since it first started producing forklifts in Korea in 1968. Ever since it found its meaning to creating powerful handling supplies and services, Doosan has always been meeting customers’ demands and answering their clients’ problems with sophisticated services and solutions.

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The hard work and dedication of the company made it the number one supplier of material handling equipments in its domestic market, with its volume of production going way over 300,000 units.
Every Doosan forklift is designed to provide powerful performance, operator comfort, as well as support varied environment conditions, enabling customers to enjoy the most benefits from their investment. This commitment to delivering high quality products has made the company’s products one of the most highly preferred in the global market and hence, has made Doosan Forklift Company gain its current place amongst the other popular material handling equipment brands worldwide.
Daewoo-Doosan expanded its production to the UK in the year 1994, establishing its own dealer network in the country. The company’s diesel and 2.5 tonne gas range happen to be the most popular equipments in the UK market. In total, Doosan’s UK production is made of around 100 different models, including diesel, gas, electric, and 1.3 to 16 tonnes.


Outside of the US, apart from the UK, one of the largest export markets of the company is Europe. In addition to designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting high quality material handling equipments, Daewoo-Doosan also remains focused in environmental and desalination plant sectors as well.

Daewoo-Doosan Forklift Parts
Daewoo-Doosan Company, also known as Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp, has its Parts Distribution Center (PDC) situated in the state of Georgia, USA. The facility is about 176,000 square foot and houses all vital parts of forklift that are of high quality and durability. The company has implemented computerized and modern order tracking and placement systems, and the PDC supplies to more than 500 dealer locations scattered all across South and North America and also the Caribbean.
The PDC facility comprises of several different lines of items and always maintains fully equipped inventory that values to about sixteen million dollars. This constant availability level of forklift parts makes it easy for the company’s distribution center to deliver over 95 percent of all ordered parts in the same day. Doosan Group is taking all the necessary steps to bring down the time taken by its PDC for obtaining parts that cannot be shipped to orders within 24 hours. In such cases, the company does not fret to air-freight the parts directly from its Korean facility, at its own expense and makes sure that its customers are not charged high freight costs because of insufficient parts.
Doosan's PDC encourages and supports its dealer network to always maintain large supplies of all different type of Doosan forklift parts, including axle parts, joints, couplings, catalytic converters, forklift forks, winches, torque generators, wheel studs, glow plugs, etc., to meet up with the requirements of its customers in a better manner. This enables customers to gain access to the part they need, at the right time and for a reasonable price.

Simplicity and Power

What also makes the programs and products under Doosan even more beneficial to its clients is the fact that it values simplicity in power. There are less error, less risk and fewer complications for solutions that are not complex and haphazard. The strength of Doosan is in making sure that the operator understands the features in the simplest way possible without compromising the comfort of the operators. It is this combined effort that earned Doosan many awards, including the distinguished Human Engineering Design Awards.

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This award is just one of the many World’s Best Awards that Doosan has received over the years, and this is simply just one of the many proofs that Doosan’s forklifts, parts, and their other equipment can offer the kind of superior quality that cannot be matched by the competition. The Safety Awards that Doosan received is also for putting a strong emphasis on driver’s convenience and safety that other companies may have overlooked.

Expansive Network

Another impressive strength that Doosan has displayed over the years is its ability to expand in key networks and countries across the world. With over 90 countries that have chosen to trust Doosan, it’s not hard to see why the company retains its position as a prime choice of some of the most leading fleet users in the world. This reputation is even bolstered by the fact that its UK presence grew even staggeringly bigger since the UK branch was established in 1994.

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It also helps in the growing prestige of Doosan that it now covers over 100 models of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment combined. All these machines can provide for about 1.0 – 25.0-tonnes of powered options that come in diesel, gas and electric variety.

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The Selection of Powerful Products

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The main products from Doosan that make a good name up out of the company include their counterbalance trucks that are so powerful, they can do as much as 1.5 tonnes to 25-tonne lifting power. The brand’s IC Counterbalance, Electric Counterbalance, and Warehouse Equipment are also extensive and built with high-engineering German precision. This makes Doosan even more competitive and more a top priority to any client expanding its manufacturing projects. Any client that wants high specification as its default standard would find no better option for their needs than the forklifts from Doosan.

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