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Cube Runner&& Try The Games

Play the full version of Cubefield game and try to fly through endless field of cubes and squares. Try not to hit anything on your way while the speed becomes higher. A runner game i made as my first project in unity.There are 15 different levels which will challenge you to success. Get to the end of the level and dodge all the gray cubes. Support This Game. There are a total of 8 levels. The first four levels are basic and for beginners. The next four levels are challenging. A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price. Can you jump over all the obstacles in time?! You traverse along a fixed green path. A downloadable game for Android. Download Now Name your own price. Dodge The Coming Tiles. Play Cube Runner - Can you Beat High Score. Let's see How Far.

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About Cube Runner

Cube Runner is in reality a simply 3D racing flash game. We manage a small prism flying through a field of cubes. Cubes randomly appear in the horizon, as prism moves forward through the field. Your goal is to advance as much as possible dodging cubes, because when you hit a block, the game will probably be over, and should restart the really starting. At first cubes seem chaotic order, they way a figure and after its passage to go to the next step. Increased speed also since it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid collisions with cubes. The color scheme also changes, while pass for subsequent section. Scores are counted in the upper left corner, but probably you are going to undoubtedly not have time to show them throughout the game.

Cube Runner controls are often more than very simple: left, also the corresponding arrow keys to dodge left or right probably. It takes time to master them. The graphics are simple, however, because of cheerful bright colors. The cool thing is that the whole area left weak and ideally whenever prism move. It is a truly fantastic effect that adds something special to this rather a simple game. It really is sad, but Cube Runner has no music, no sound effects like run 1 game. Where should to pause the game, though the game, you could do by pressing P important. Having said that be warned that after we hit P once play restarts without warning. You will be able to change the best quality, if you are interested in just pressing the Q key.

In addition, Cube Runner is however quite addictive simple small game not like spiderman game. Once you hit a box you must start over gain, you will want to show that are better then that and start playing again. Thus, press the button to start a new round. The game calls for hand-eye coordination and response in order to have success. And so will make it easier not only to kill individual boredom and helps train your response. It takes time to discover and control to start the game, which tends to be an ideal game to kill a lot of minutes break. Meanwhile, as a more factor, the game is free.

Feel free to choose your favorite flash game! When you play these games try to stay alive as much as possible! If you want to play cube runner and runner games here you will find the most exciting ones. From the many versions out on the internet we select the nice and most played games reviewed by online players. We are just ordinary fans of this games. We are not associated in any way with the creator of these characters.


A runner game i made as my first project in unity.There are 15 different levels which will challenge you to success. Get to the end of the level and dodge all the gray cubes. Inspired by Brackeys series 'How to make a video game'

Tags3D, Arcade, Runner, Third Person, Unity

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Cube runner&& try the games play

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Ok ty for the comment. Will add it when i have time

Cube Runner&& Try The Games Game

Not bad, polish it more, feels likes accelerates too much, and movement is very loosy, add a monolite to let the player know you are moving cause with the green base feels like there is no movment. (like adding big columns in the environment)