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There is a fundamental belief that the best content drives the traffic. At Unblocked Game Site (U.G.S) we take that belief seriously. U.G.S. delivers the content gamers want and deserve. We believe in quality over quantity and that is reflected in the games we publish. Could we publish hundreds of games every couple of days like other sites? Yes, but we believe that games that don’t deliver are not what our visitors want. The gamers want to be engaged through entertaining and thought provoking content that will make them want to come back to the site. That is what we believe and what U.G.S. personifies.


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U.G.S. is a subsidiary of Unbiased Media which is a veteran owned media brand created by a passionate core group of knowledgeable gamers, sports fans, and published writers. Unbiased Media launched in 2012 and through rapid growth has become a successful independent media company.


The mission of Unblocked Game Site is to become the first choice for free internet game play.

The Highest Standard: Unbiased Media believes in performance excellence. That proprietorship and the writers therein will meet or exceed the expectations of our readership.

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Never Be Content: Unbiased Media believes in forward thinking. We know that being content is the first step towards failure. To that end we will continue to implement new features and increase user interaction. We will always remain focused on promoting and optimizing the exposure of quality content through a growing global presence.