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Yearbook update! The middle school yearbook staff is looking for photos of how you’re staying connected with friends while still social distancing. Send your school appropriate pictures of your social distancing hacks and have them featured in the yearbook. Please email Allyson Kingly at [email protected] by Wednesday, April 15 with any pictures you may have. We will do our best to get as many as we can in the yearbook!

A lost yearbook can be heartbreaking since it offers a snapshot of your former self as well as insight about your school's personal style and reflections. If you are missing the mugs of your old friends, teachers and counselors, you can replace a yearbook rather easily online or in other ways. Cherokee bluff middle school yearbook. Home faq all about me contact us click here to order your yearbook. Order yearbooks: all about me. High quality yearbook printing with zero financial risk and 3-week turnaround. Middle School Yearbook Sample.

Yearbook Pre-orders

Yearbook pre-orders are available at: https://yearbookforever.com/schools/minisink_valley_middle_school_buy_yearbook_303139/p94RjV3R2XBjcfa1W7AgiF2M

Pre-orders will close when the book sells out or May 15 whichever comes first. The yearbook is available for $32 until Jan. 5, 2020. After Jan. 5, a $5 late order fee will be added to the order.

Contactpalmac Middle School Yearbook 2020

Recognition Ads

NOTE: All recognition ads for the 2019-2020 yearbook should be purchased online no later than Dec. 20 at 2 p.m. or as space permits. Ad space may not be available after the Dec. 20 deadline.

Please note – The purchase of a recognition ad does not include the purchase of a yearbook. Yearbooks must be purchased separately.

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To purchase a recognition ad, visit: https://yearbookforever.com/schools/minisink_valley_middle_school_buy_yearbook_303139/p94RjV3R2XBjcfa1W7AgiF2M

Contactpalmac Middle School Yearbook

Hard copies of photos that need to be scanned can be brought into school and placed in Ms. Hamilton’s mailbox in the Middle School office.

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