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Coffee shop game strategy
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Play the best free Cafe Games on GamesGames.com. One the first day buy 10 units of cups, 40 coffee, 20 milk, 50 sugar. Set the ingredients at max. Set your price between 4.00-$5.00. Match your prices with the weather for the following day. Whenever it's freezing or cold, you can increase your price between 5.00 to 6.00, and whenever its warm set it between 4.50 to 5. Dedicated to gamer's world wide. Everything is better with coffee. Love table top miniatures and video gaming? From flames of war, to team Yankee,warhammer40k to mine craft, and about. Let’s start at the beginning. It’s Columbian coffee (said to be the most familiar in flavor to Americans) and it’s a medium-dark roast (which satisfies both medium and dark roast drinkers). So right off the bat this brew is truly aimed at the majority of American coffee drinkers. The reason that most independent coffee shops fail is because the business owner loves coffee not accounting. They love fair trade beans, not sales. In the end coffee is their hobby, not their business. If that describes you, then please keep reading. Here are 4 key steps to starting a coffee shop that is sustainable and profitable.

The RiA Community exists to provide genuine, personal, and professional leadership development within the context of your peers.

Join your Peers

Invest time with other leaders from your region, and worldwide, to exchange views on relevant topics facing education professionals within a trusted cohort setting.

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Engage with an accomplished leader for personalized, one-to-one, interaction and encouragement.

Worldwide Forum

The RiA Forum is open to all members and is a place for ongoing discussions with other RiA Community members from your region and around the world!

Attend A Summit


From time to time summits will be held regionally to bring together RiA Community members. These motivational events will feature renown international speakers presenting relevant topics in a dynamic larger group setting.

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Coffee Shop Game Strategy

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