Calamity Makeupteach To Be Happy


Part 1

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Calamity makeup teach to be happy birthday

1. What is Helena doing while her mother is looking for her? She is drawing in a paper.

Calamity Makeupteach To Be Happy

2. What is the dialogue for the first scene with the sock puppets? White sock: I’m queen of everything, in this part of town. I’m queen of the city, and queen of the towns, and queen of the soul of freaky things. And everyone here says: Oh she is such a wonderful queen, and not every embarrassing at all senile and ghosts score. There’s nothing to worry about except.

Black sock: Ha! But I am the queen of evil and I must warn you, You cannot escape my calamity of black magic puppets!

3. Look at your answers for #1 and #2. Who do you think the sock puppets represent? The mom and Helena.

Calamity Makeupteach To Be Happy

Calamity Makeup Teach To Be Happy Wishes

Calamity Makeupteach To Be Happy

4. How does Helena feel about living her father’s dream? Helena feels about his father dream that it is to her to become a great circer not good because she says that she wants to have a real life

Calamity Makeup Teach To Be Happy Birthday

5. List all the things you can think of that make the movie different from the book.
The puppets are not on the book.