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Leadership We need your help! This program has been dormant since 2005.

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Drill Cadet Leader Training (DCLT) Drill Cadet Leadership Training (DCLT) is a 4-week program that provides cadets an opportunity to apply leadership skills, interact with highly skilled and experienced Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) and drill sergeants, and improve common task skill proficiency in an Army training environment. Cadet Ranks & Promotion. The Corps of Cadets is organized as a battalion, a typical military structure with promotions based on academic achievement, conduct, proven leadership abilities, dependability, sportsmanship, and adherence to the Academy’s values.

Cadet training, provided both by cadet leaders and by senior members involved in Cadet Programs, is essential to leadership development in Civil Air Patrol cadets.

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Cadet Leadership Course

The Cadet Leadership Resources program provides a curated list of links to sites and files that provide cadet program curriculum and recommendations for conducting the cadet program at the unit level.