Build Your Own Green Screen Kits


I also used this simple concept to build some smaller, more compact fixtures for lighting my green screen backdrops. By using some simple components from the hardware store and some green fluorescent bulbs to enhance my green screen backdrop (and use much less light to get the coverage I needed), I was able to put together light fixtures for.

Build Your Own Green Screen Kits

How to Build Your Own Green Screen Kits

  • Beginners can buy a starter green screen or green muslin backdrop cloth for as low as $20. Most hobbyist and semi-pro green screens come with a photo or video lighting kit that costs several hundreds of dollars. Professional green screen backdrops can cost thousands by themselves depending on their size. Taller screens usually have higher prices.
  • Back to making your own making Green Screen kit. About a year ago I purchased the pretty affordable kit from Amazon but realized a few things in the time I had it: 1) I've never used the lights it came with. Too bulky and just not really needed.
  • The ePhoto Chromakey Kit (Click here to Check out the latest prices on Amazon) is perfect basic green screen kit. This 3 light kit with a 10X20 100% muslin works as expected. What makes this kit great for video, especially interviews, is that it comes with a top light used to add overhead light.

Thank you Ryan O'Donnellfor this very helpful and informative blog post on Building your own Green Screen Kits for your school. Ryan took on the task of creating Green Screen kits that could be used for his whole district. So any of the teachers could take out a few of the kits and easily put together a great learning project for their entire class. They also have multiple kits, so students in these higher ed classes could use them in groups and didn’t have to be waiting for other students to finish.

Build Your Own Green Screen Kits Home Depot

The cost of all of these are pretty minimal. I mean seriously… PVC pipe is less that $3. Now, if you have iPads and covers, the biggest cost you will have is the fabric and that is very reasonable. To really do this well though, I recommend doing MULTIPLE kits. therefore your student can work in groups and not feel rushed.

Build Your Own Green Screen Kits Free

We hope you get some great ideas from Ryan O’Donnell’s Green Screen kits and it helps you with your next Green Screen project!

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