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This website aims to provide authentic information on the latest firearms and gear. We also offer tips and guides for everything about guns and gun accessories, especially holsters. Talk of weapons has been an unbreached subject for a long time by many people. However, it’s crucial to have an appropriate guide and insight for usage and safety like any device or appliance.

Apart from various registered firearm dealers, nobody gives out unbiased data on the subject. That’s where we come in. We’re that breach to aid proper communication about guns and information on them. We let you know the different types of gun accessories, their uses, and how to know which one to purchase.

Bob has been a Student and Instructor of Self Defense & Martial Arts since the age of nine. Having learned and taught Hand to Hand, Edged Weapons, and several other weapons in Self Defense, Firearms was the next logical step. As a result, Bob got a License to Carry, bought his first firearm, and sought out the BEST Training he could find! After years of training all around the country with various trainers and schools/academies, Bob decided to share his learned knowledge. Having taught Martial Arts his entire life, teaching others Self Defense with a Firearm came naturally. Eventually, Bob met one of the world’s top trainers, Mike of snubtraining.com, and began his training with the “underappreciated” Snubby! Bob quickly fell in love with the Snubby revolver and eventually began teaching strictly Snubbies with Mike.

Guide for Choosing Holsters

1. Consider the Safety

A holster must provide safety for the gun both during the removal and during the replacement processes. It should also protect the firearm during carriage to prevent the wielder from accidentally disengaging its safety mechanism. Hence, it must be firm enough to hold the gun’s position despite the person’s movements carrying it.


2. The Holster Must Aid Accessibility

If a holster doesn’t allow the person to carry the gun to draw quickly, then the purpose is defeated. This necessity also begs the need for the holster to be rigid. The owner must be able to remove it when the situation arises without difficulty. And it must be possible with one hand. It should also allow the operator to return it with a similar level of ease.

3. Comfort and Concealment Are Important

The holster you want to buy must be comfortable to carry around. It must not pose any inconveniences to the gun carrier, no matter where the holster is. As long as you place it rightly, it should allow ease of carriage. Another purpose of a holster is to hide the gun from the public eye. Therefore, it mustn’t be too bulgy to attract attention.

4. Have a Budget

It’s not logical to say plainly that a holster must be cheap. That’s because due to the difference in types and requirements, the prices will vary. Hence, the importance of knowing the exact qualities you want for your holster. Based on that, you can prepare your budget or have an amount range that you’d wish to spend. That helps you to be objective and not overspend.

Why buy holsters

We get this question a lot, well, it’s usually – “why are your holsters better than ….” and to answer honestly, we do not say they are “better” than anyone else holsters, but they are different! We have a great deal of respect for other makers and their work; we will never speak negatively about them, deserving or not!

So, why are our holsters different? There are plenty of holster makers out there, hundreds perhaps… and truthfully anyone can be a holster maker! However being a holster maker doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do so, it especially doesn’t qualify you to sell them or give advice. With that said, as you may have read above, Bobby is both a Qualified and Certified defense and firearms trainer, who has trained LE, Civilians, etc. more importantly, he carries a gun 24/7 as an armed citizen. It is this daily involvement that has allowed Bobby to see and understand what is needed in a holster and not just a holster but a Snubby Holster. We believe you can’t make something you don’t personally use every day.

“Not able to tell you how happy I am with Gun Holster Reviews.”

– Ozzie T.

Bobby Mac Deluxe Car Seat Owners Manuals

“It really saves me time and effort. Gun Holster is exactly what our business has been lacking.”
– Dexter G.T.


“I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Gun Holster.”
– Neil Q.

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