Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Mac


If the official Android File Transfer program doesn't work well for you — a vexingly common complaint among Mac users these days — consider the favorably reviewed third-party Commander One Pro. Android File Transfer is a tool developed by Google. This tool enables users to browse and transfer files between Mac computer and Android device. For the users who wish to transfer files from Android device to Mac computer or from Mac to Android, using this software would be a good option. However, some users reject to download and install.

  1. Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Mac Os
  2. Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Mac High Sierra
  3. Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Macbook Pro
  4. Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Macbook

Whether you are moving files from one device to another device, phone to tablet or phone to computer, transferring data is always a time-consuming task especially when you want to share large files. Moreover, transferring the data securely without any limits or restrictions is another concern. Thankfully, all these issues can be avoided by simply using a reliable file sharing app. Using these apps will not only allow to instantly transfer but also to view and backup the data. So, we’ve hand-picked 10 best file sharing apps for Android. Here are some of them!

Best Apps To Share Files On Android

1. Xender – File Transfer & Share

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Ratings: 4.4 Stars

If you are looking for an app that can help you to share photos, music, and movies with your friends, then Xender is the perfect app that helps to share all kind of files anytime & anywhere. It provides two-hundred times Bluetooth transfer speed that transfers your files in no time. It is available in over 20 languages including English and French.


  • Xender is suitable for cross-platform transferring such as Windows, Android, IOS, and PC/ Mac.
  • You can send and receive photos, videos, movies, and apps without any limitations of file size.
  • The app allows to view, delete and move files from one folder to another and allows to take a backup when you want to clear your smartphone storage.


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2. SHAREit – Transfer & Share


Image Source: techbeasts.com

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

SHAREit is considered as the world’s fastest cross-platform file transferring app that is 200 times quicker than Bluetooth. The app transfers original files without compromising on the quality.


  • It is an amazing tool that shares your contacts, music, MMS, SMS, and movie, from your old device to new device in with just one tap of your finger.
  • It is easy to use application that is known as no 1 downloaded App on Google Play in 24 countries and regions.
  • No internet needed to use the app.


3. Send Anywhere

Ratings: 4.7 Stars

Best app for file transfer between android and mac os

It is a simple yet quick app that allows unlimited files sharing in just a few minutes. The best part about this app is, you can share files without using the internet connection.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • You need to generate a one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer with your friends.
  • You can pair your phone to nearby devices directly via QR code or a 4-digit key.



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4. SuperBeam

Image Source: inspectordownload.com

Ratings: 4.3 stars

SuperBeam is one of the best file transferring apps that share files between two different devices using Wi-Fi. It makes file sharing convenient and fast that allows to connect the desired devices using QR codes or manual sharing key.


  • SuperBeam allows you to keep a track of every transfer of all the shared operations.
  • You can share single and multiple files of all the kind such as contacts, pictures, videos, movies and documents.
  • Unlike other file transferring apps, it supports light, dark and AMOLED color themes.

5. 4 Share Apps – File Transfer

Image Source: lemons.ly

Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Mac Os

Ratings: 4.3 Stars

4 Share Apps is one of the best file transferring apps that allows to quickly share files with friends. You can share files between Android platforms.


  • The app allows you to quickly get connected with another device just by scanning the QR Code.
  • You can share all types of files anytime and anywhere.
  • The app supports more than 31 different languages including Simplified & Traditional Chinese.

6. Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Over 500 million users worldwide rely on the fastest file sharing app for cross-platform sharing and transferring. It is the simplest and easiest app that supports multiple languages.


  • You can transfer photos, documents, songs and app in no time.
  • Like other file sharing app, it also allows file sharing without a Wi-Fi and an internet connection.
  • You can add up to four devices simultaneously to send multiple files to more than one device at the same time.

7. ES File Explorer File Manager


Ratings: 4.6 Stars

The transfer happens lightning fast with ES File Explorer File Manager. It is a free, easy and quick way to manage your files that also allows to share your files efficiently with old to a new device without any data cost.


  • You can get rid of redundant files that take up your valuable storage space.
  • The app manager helps you to categorize your apps, back up and create shortcuts to apps to give well-organized device.
  • ES File Explorer File Manager helps you to transfer apps, documents, photos, songs and movies without using internet connection and cables. The app also supports same Wi-Fi mode & auto-created hotspot.

Note: As the app is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

8. AirDroid:

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

If you want to know the easiest and smoothest way to transfer your files from one device to another, then AirDroid is the must have app for you. Unlike other apps, AirDroid allows you to check and reply to phone notification on computer. Indeed, It is one of the best file sharing for Android users.


  • Easy way to manage your phone and tablet wirelessly.
  • Offers backup and sync
  • Allows you to record your phone screenshot.

9. Portal

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Portal is a great application that comes handy for transferring individual files, batch-files and folders effortlessly. You can transfer files with your wi-fi connection. Using the Portal will help you to save internet connection for something better. It is a reliable and popular file transfer apps for Android.


  • With Portal, you can smoothly access, browse and share files.
  • You can save files to your SD card.
  • Allow you to transfer multiple files at once.
Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Mac

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10. Collect by WeTransfer

Ratings: 4.2 Stars

Last but not the least, Collect by WeTransfer is another one of the best file sharing for Android users. You can easily save and capture anything anytime on this app. Apart from getting the maintained content, you can also style your content in your own way.


  • It is easy to use tool.
  • Get tidy and organized content on your device.
  • Allow you to save, songs, images, videos, links, documents and many more.

Now, you don’t need to rely on USB cables, flash drives or emails to move your files, documents, and images between devices. You can use any of the apps to transfer files from one phone to another. Choose the app that you liked the most. Do not forget to share your view after using the app in the comments below.

Happy Transferring!

Android file transfer mac: In this high-tech world there are different sources to transfer files, music, videos and much more through easy sources. Almost every person possesses a device which can be used to transfer and receive data without any difficulty. Mobile phones, laptops, computers, pen-drive, etc are some common example of file sharing devices.

Suppose you have a MAC computer and you need to share music from your Android phone to the computer, then what would you do? As we all know that, a MAC computer and an Android functioned device are hard to get together. One has to find a good solution in order to pair them for convenient transfer of data.

Making a connection through the USB cable is the most common way, but there might be situations when the operating systems do not recognize each other. To curb such issues one can search for a free Android file transfer MAC app that can be operated over Wi-Fi to transfer files, music, videos and much more from the MAC computer to your Android phone and vice versa.

15 Best Android File Transfer App for Mac

Let us check some of the most efficient Android file transfer MAC app.

1). Dropbox

Website: http://www.dropbox.com

If you are searching for a smart and easy way to transfer your photos, videos, and music from your Android to Mac, then Dropbox is the perfect application for this purpose. It is a free service that helps the user to store and transfer any of your data without any difficulty.

Dropbox works on the cloud concept which favors its function and can be used by all platforms including Android and MAC. The user is provided with 2GB of free memory to store data in the Dropbox. This is availed after creating a user account.

So, if you are willing to transfer photos and videos from your Android then you simply have to shift it to the Dropbox and later you can access your Dropbox account from your MAC in order to extract them to the computer.

This is the simplest way to transfer data over Wi-Fi and can be accomplished in minimum processing time. This can be rated as the best free Android File Transfer App for Mac available on the internet.

2). Software Data Cable

This is a versatile data sharing app that works very well if you have a good internet connection. Software Data Cable helps the user transfer data between phones, PC, laptop, cloud storage, MAC, XBOX, etc.

It offers file transfer between varying platforms without the use of a USB cable which is simply amazing. If you are willing to share data to your computer, then there isn’t any requirement for any additional driver.

One can share photos, videos, movies, apps, etc to other devices anywhere without any hassle. This app offers an auto-sync feature that help you to transfer or shift data to your computer (MAC) or cloud storage. This is a convenient way as it extends your mobile storage in a smart way.

The auto-sync activity can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis using this app. If you want to transfer data using Software Data Cable, then it can be accomplished at a speed of 54Mb/s with Wi-Fi connectivity which is quite effective and swift. Now you don’t have to worry about sharing movies, videos and heavy MP3 files from your MAC to Android phone or vice versa.

You just need Software Data Cable which is one of the best Android file transfer MAC app.

3). File Transfer

If you are in search for a basic and stable file transfer app for your Android device then you must surely consider File Transfer as the best option. This particular app follows a cross-platform working which makes it compatible with Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android. There is no such requirement for any sort of configuration or website link to create a connection.

The app once installed helps the user to discover devices automatically and then he/she can select the desired files to be transferred to the phone or computer without any hassle. This application works amazingly well to share data within seconds over a good Wi-Fi connection.

The impressive aspect of File Transfer is that, one need not upload files to the internet and download them later on the device. You can simply share your photos, videos and other important files from the Android phone to MAC and vice versa directly through this excellent Android file transfer MAC app.

4). Wi-Fi File Transfer

The main concept of this particular software is that, it offers an easy-to-use web interface. So using Wi-Fi File Transfer one can transfer files from your phone or tablet to your MAC without the use of any wire or another source.

The best part about this app is that, it supports multiple file upload or downloads which can help the user save time when handling large data. The other major advantages of this app include file rename, zip, unzip or copy which can be carried out with the help of the in-built file manager.

The security feature of this app helps to password-protect the content in an excellent way. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, then this app can function as a background service.

So, you can use it as long as the computer or Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. One can obviously count is as the perfect Android file transfer MAC app.

5). Droid Over Wi-Fi

This is one of the strongest Android file transfer mac as it can handle file of any size without any limit. You can transfer a large amount of content in the quickest way over Wi-Fi to any device or computer (MAC, Windows etc) without any hassle.

The multiple file upload features assists the user to manage huge data at once. You can also check the progress of the transfer in real time. When the user is handling multiple files then this software automatically packs the selected files into a separate ZIP file which can be later downloaded on the destination device.

If you want to share movies and heavy video files then this particular software would surely suit your requirement.

6). Fast File Transfer

The internet can be used as a wonderful source to search some really useful file transfer apps which are high on efficiency. Can you imagine offline software that can help to transfer heavy files within seconds? Fast File Transfer is the modern day medium which can help the user exchange files among different platforms.

The average speed of transfer is 1GB in 4 minutes! One can even send multiple files at once which would be converted into a ZIP folder. If you have this particular app on your Android device then you can use it to receive/send data to any operating system or device which is equipped with Wi-Fi option.

Though there is no need for an active Wi-Fi connection as the sharing process takes place offline. So if there is a need to transfer data to an iPhone or MAC then this app would serve you well. The impressive functions make it one of the famous Android file transfer MAC app.

7). Mobizen

Website: http://www.mobizen.com

Mobizen is interesting Android file transfer MAC app and software that can help you share data without any difficulty from your Android device to PC and vice versa. This particular app helps to create a connection between the system and the device so that you can control the file transfer from the PC just like in the case of AirDroid.

Now you can drag-and-drop files using this amazing app. You can also perform various functions on your Android device by controlling it through the PC but, remember Mobizen is not that advance as compared to AirDroid. One can count is as a good option if there is an urgent need for file sharing between different platforms.

8). Pushbullet

Website: http://www.pushbullet.com

If you are searching for an app which offers multiple file transfer and device control functions then Pushbullet stands at the top with AirDroid. This app is considered as the best Android file transfer MAC app because of it’s easy to handle interface and quick file sharing feature. You can handle your Android device’s SMS, Calls and access other apps using this amazing medium. A good internet connection is what you need in order to carry out the data sharing task. This smart software has attracted many users globally. The developers are working hard to improve its features in order to make it more efficient.

This app is considered as the best Android file transfer MAC app because of it’s easy to handle interface and quick file sharing feature. You can handle your Android device’s SMS, Calls and access other apps using this amazing medium.

A good internet connection is what you need in order to carry out the data sharing task. This smart software has attracted many users globally. The developers are working hard to improve its features in order to make it more efficient.

9). ES File Explorer

Website: http://www.estrongs.com

Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Mac High Sierra

Generally, the file managing apps are not good with the file transfer activity. But with ES File Explorer one can perform both the tasks without any difficulty.

This software is rated as one of the best apps for Android. One can transfer data from an Android platform to the PC within seconds if the two systems are connected to the same router or Wi-Fi network. This app is the best choice for people who want to manage and share files at the same time.

ES has a smart functioning which favors the user to save a lot of time and efforts. This makes this app fall under the list of the top Android file transfer MAC app.

10). Infinit

Website: http://www.infinit.io

This is a modern day app then helps the user to share music, videos, movies and other important files with his/her contacts from his Android device to any other mobile, tablet or PC. This app offers a fast speed to transfer even HD movies within limited time. There is no glitch or difficulty while file sharing. The interface is very convenient which can be accessed by any user.

This app offers a fast speed to transfer even HD movies within limited time. There is no glitch or difficulty while file sharing. The interface is very convenient which can be accessed by any user.

11). FileDrop

Website: http://www.filedropme.com

Are you in search for a simplified app that can help you in sharing your music, movies and photos to your Windows or MAC computer?

If that is your requirement, then you can use this cute app called FileDrop which offers the easiest function to transfer files over Wi-Fi. You just need to connect your device and the computer with a Wi-Fi network.

Now, search for the nearby devices using this app. Once you locate your MAC then select the desired files and with a click of a button share it without much hassle. One can also play remote slideshow with the help of FileDrop.

12). SendAnywhere

Website: http://send-anywhere.com

There are several file transfer mac apps available on the internet which does not rely on the cloud platform for data sharing. One such amazing app for file sharing is SendAnywhere.

It is a multi-platform application which means that, you can transfer data from your Android device to Windows and MAC and vice versa without any restriction. One can send a file of any size or type using this app.

SendAnywhere offers a direct link between devices which makes it a quick medium of data sharing. This is one of the best android file transfer mac.

13). SuperBeam

Website: http://www.superbe.am

SuperBeam is an easy-to-use application that functions with the help of an internet connection. It is a good source to transfer data from an Android device to your PC within no time. To make this app work, one needs to connect the phone and the PC to the same Wi-Fi network in order to make it function swiftly.

The same network is not mandatory though but an internet connection must be there. One can also acquire a connection using NFC and QR code scanning. The amazing part about SuperBeam is that, it keeps a track of your file transfers so that you can keep a good check of the data you have shared or received so far.

This app has a wonderful interface which can be operated by any user. If don’t have this app, then download it today!

Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Macbook Pro

14). Sync by BitTorrent

Website: http://getsync.com

If you are very much concerned about the security of your data then this app must suit your purpose. There are some amazing apps that help to transfer data without the inclusion of cloud as a medium and Sync by BitTorrent is one such application.

This interesting app offers the user to connect his/her device with the computer so that they can share music, videos, movies and photos directly without dropping it to any virtual box or cloud. This application helps you to view your various files and folders so that you can easily find the data to be shared.

Best App For File Transfer Between Android And Macbook

This is free software which works efficiently without any hindrance. If you wish for a secure platform for data transfer this Sync by BitTorrent is the correct application for you.

Final Words:

In this modern world, everything is handled and controlled by technology. Earlier, files were created manually but now there are virtual sources which can be compressed and transferred with a click of a button. Workload has been reduced all thanks to the technological advancements.

There are various android file transfers mac apps available on the internet but the above listed ones are counted as the best due to its excellent service and features.

Not many applications offer transfer over different platforms with such ease like these 15 smart applications do. You can transfer music, videos, movies and other types of data files to your MAC from your phone and vice versa.

These applications help to offer a secure environment so that the data stays under a protected environment. Some of the Android file transfer MAC apps also function in the offline mode which is also quite interesting. File management and easy searching of data are some additional features that make file sharing apps more efficient.

If there are heavy or multiple files to be transferred then the app compresses the data into a ZIP file so that it can be transferred within minimum time. An active Wi-Fi connectivity is usually required by most apps for a swift functioning. Never trust apps which are not tested nor have a bad rating on the internet.

If you need to save data from your phone to your PC or PC to phone, then you can surely trust any of the above apps for an excellent file sharing experience. You can match the apps by reading their review and features on the download page for a better judgement.

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