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BattleBeasts Story

Planet Shima attracts adventure seekers from all over Galaxy BB-79 due to its unique resources. The mysterious effects on this planet turned the Artificial Intelligence of Shima aggressive towards all intelligent species of animals. You must survive in this new world, full of dangers and hostile environments by collecting resources, building and claiming territory, hunting wild animals and crafting armor, weapons, vehicles and your own bots. But the most important thing is to study the mysteries of Shima in order to fully understand what is happening on this planet.

Battle Beavers Game Fort Myers

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Battle Beaver Customs specializes in modifications to all types of gaming equipment and electronics. Follow us on Facebook @ Http://www.facebook.com/BattleBe. Quick un-professional walk through of our offices.

Battle Beavers Game Fort Smith

Since February 10, 2018, we have successfully developed and tested the pre-alpha version of BattleBeasts for all our followers. Using the Unreal Engine 4, we were able to implement all the mechanics of survival with joint construction in a one-time session for up to 150 people. After many tests, we created a foundation for development, and now we are working on content scaling and gameplay expansion. We will transfer the game to Steam's early access after the end of our closed alpha testing period.