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Autodesk 123D Design uses natural interactions for creation and editing, allowing makers to easily design things without learning complex CAD concepts. “For the first time ever, users can create sophisticated, precise 3D models of real objects on their iPad, Mac, PC or via their web browser. The 123d beta is now available to download for free from 123dapp.com. If you’ve been following Inventor Fusion, then you’ll already have a good idea of what 123d is like. There are not too many differences between Inventor Fusion and 123d. One big difference is there is no ribbon in 123d, though the commands seem.

This is a powerful software tool that allows any type of user, no matter how unexperienced, to create 3D models with a lot of ease and precision

  • Threads in 123D Design: I do a lot of my drawing in Autodesk 123D Design. Mostly because it's free, partly because it's simple to use. One problem I've noticed is drawing threads for nuts, bolts, screws, etc. So here is the method that I have found works best.
  • Autodesk made the headlines this week with the Public Beta Launch of 123D, Autodesk’s new FREE 3D CAD tool. This time Autodesk are aiming squarely at the amateur ‘Maker’ market. Carl Bass moves one step closer to realising his personal dream of empowering a new Generate of ‘ Makers ’ to use the latest in CAD, Rapid prototyping and the.
  • Download autodesk 123d design for windows 10 for free. Photo & Graphics tools downloads - 123D Design by Autodesk, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Autodesk 123D Design is a powerful, but easy to use software application that enables people to create detailed 2D and 3D models.

One of the biggest differences between most 3D modelling software programs and Autodesk 123D Design, is that the latter allows you to create a certain object pretty quickly, as the program offers you a lot of quick options such as already made shapes (primitives) to which you can add certain details. Furthermore, you will see that you can use a lot of smart tools such as the patterning one, shelling, edge tweaking and so on.

The interface is intuitive and has a modern design. You have a Main Toolbar to create and modify parts, a small cube in the upper right corner of the windows that will allow you to look at and orbit around the model you are creating.

A few features that will surely be loved by a number of people are the Snapping and Cruising options. The Cruising tool allows you to drag a primitive from one corner to another and it will stay at the same height. When you will drag a 2D or a 3D primitive onto any other piece, the Snapping tool will make it go to the nearest face or edge.

Furthermore, Autodesk 123D Design offers step by step tutorials and movies to all users, so as to be sure they understand all the key features that the product has to offer and they know exactly how to make use of all the options.

All in all, Autodesk 123D Design is a very useful and powerful tool that will allow you to quickly and precisely create all the 3D or 2D models you might need. The interface and the tutorials provided will make it possible so that anyone can use this program.

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Autodesk 123D Design was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 or later with 2 GHz or faster processor; or compatible
  • 2+ GB RAM (1.5 GB minimum)
  • 1.5+ GB free disk space (for installation)
  • Direct3D 9 or 10 graphics support with 64+ MB
  • Internet Connection
AutodeskNew in Autodesk 123D Design 1.7:
  • Reimagined Align and Scale tools.
  • Export SVG, which saves an SVG file with whatever is intersecting the grid.
  • Convert meshes into solids.
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Autodesk 123D Design 2.2.14

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123D Design Tutorial: How to use Autodesk 123D Design for 3D Printing

Update: Autodesk has discontinued this app. It is no longer available for download.

In this Autodesk 123D Design tutorial you will learn the basics of this great 3D modeling software. You’ll learn how to come up with an idea, how to turn your idea into a 3D model, and how to turn this 3D model into 3D printed reality. Let’s get started with this video tutorial by Ben Heck.

Autodesk 123D Design is one of the most popular 3D modeling programs for beginners and advanced 3D designers. 123D Design is good for creating functional parts and geometric designs like smartphone cases and train models. Creating organic shapes like a human face, a monster, or a tree will be difficult, however. And by the way: 123D Design is free to use – you can simply download it on Autodesk’s official 123D Design website.

Enough background information about 123D Design, now let’s get started with this video tutorial. In this video, Ben Heck will continue his quest to teach beginners more about 3D printing. If you’ve been wanting to know how 3D printing works and how you can create your first 3D model, this could be a perfect tutorial to help you get started. In this video Ben will designs a simple Raspberry Pi case step by step using the Autodesk 123D Design software.

123D Design Video Tutorial

Starting point: create a rough drawing

Before getting started on his computer, Ben draws a rough sketch of what he will be creating later. This sketch helps to keep in mind the overall picture and is a good reference point when getting stuck in the modeling process. No matter if your 3D design a Raspberry Pi case or any other object, a sketch in hand is always a good idea.

A sketch is a good starting point for your 3D model.

Autodesk 123d Design Download Mac

Install Autodesk 123D Design

Autodesk 123D Design is now available as a free 3D modeling software. Installing it is easy. Just go to Autodesk’s 123D Design website and download the program. It’s even available as Mac and iPad versions.

Once you start the software, the bird-eyes view might be the best idea for creating your 2D sketch. Take a look at the cube on the top right corner and select the ‘top’ view.

Draw a sketch in Autodesk 123D Design

Before creating a real 3D object, Ben draws the basic shape of his object in 2D. Like this, Ben can create a good replica of his original hand-drawn sketch.

By the way: 123D Design also lets you import .SVG images. In this case you can start modeling based on an imported sketch.

Creating an accurate drawing is simple in 123D Design.

Extrude sketch to a solid

Once the drawing in 2D is done, Ben extrudes the two dimensional shapes in order to receive a real 3D design. He also adds additional features and holes (for example for the screws) in this 3D view.

3D print your design

Autodesk 123D Design lets you export your design as a .STL file. This file is the most common format for 3D printing. If you don’t own a printer yourself or if you need a high quality 3D print from an industrial printer, you can use our online 3D printing service. Simply upload your file here, choose your favorite material, and see the price of your 3D print immediately. We will then take care of printing your design and shipping it to your doorstep.

Our online 3D printing service is a good place to get a high quality print.

Assemble your 3D printed design

Autodesk 123d Design For Mac

Once you received your 3D printed parts, the last step is to assemble them (if necessary). And voila: you just designed your first 3D model and created your first 3D print!

If you’re new to the world of 3D printing and 3D modeling, check out this blog post about the 5 most common modeling mistakes to avoid. Also learn the basics of the different 3D printing technologies in this blog post. If your design is ready for 3D printing take a look at our 3D printing services on our main website or discover our 3D printing materials here.

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