After The Sale: Shipping Orders From Your Online Shop


Pros of Dropshipping

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  2. After The Sale: Shipping Orders From Your Online Shop Saudi Arabia
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Don't miss out on Nordstrom sale items! Check out the best online deals for women, men, kids and home, with new markdowns on clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and beauty added every day. Four times a year, you can shop our clearance sale events—and don't forget the customer-favorite Anniversary Sale and Half-Yearly Sales! Online marketplaces can play an important role in your business. But, make sure you stay on top of your shipping strategy to effectively manage multi-channel order sources. However you ship: multi-carrier. Just like diversifying your order sources, expanding your portfolio of available shipping services is important. When a customer places an order on the merchant’s online store, the order is forwarded either manually or automatically to the manufacturer. Then, the manufacturer dropships the product directly to the end customer. Shipping notifications. When a customer orders something online, one of their most pressing concerns is when the order will show up at their door. Shipping notification emails are not only helpful, they’re expected, but you don't need to stop at standard “Hey, your order is on its way” emails.


Dropshipping sounds like a great choice on the surface. But before you jump into building an online store from a dropshipping business model, it's good to look at its strengths.

  • Inexpensive to get started: You already know dropshipping’s biggest strength -- a low barrier to entry. (We’re guessing you wouldn’t be here otherwise.) With dropshipping, you spend all of your setup time building relationships and creating a great website. Your ecommerce software and website design, are likely to run up the biggest tabs.

    Buying raw materials to create your own goods or buying products in bulk outright requires a much larger sum of cash in addition to the cost of your eCommerce software and website. There’s no question you need far less money on average to get up and running with an online store built on dropshipping.

  • Less supply chain hassle: Retail entrepreneurs who manage the bulk of the supply chain -- from storing goods to shipping them -- have to wear dozens of hats to run a successful business. With dropshipping, you cut out expensive and time-consuming tasks like stocking goods, managing your inventory, renting storage space for your products, and packaging and shipping orders.

  • Easier to grow: Dropshipping gives you the option to start as small as you want and scale up for many of the reasons we already mentioned. You don’t have sink gobs of money into your store to take it the next level. If you’re selling well, you don’t have to worry about putting out more capital to buy more products. You won’t need to build out more infrastructure around inventory or order management, either.

Track Shipped Items

For items shipped to a physical address, you'll receive a shipment notification email with your carrier information, and estimated delivery date and, if available, a tracking number.

After The Sale: Shipping Orders From Your Online Shop

You can also view shipping information by selecting an item from your Order Listing(Opens in a new window) page. There you’ll see the most recent delivery estimates, as well as a Track Shipment link to detailed tracking information on the carrier’s website. If you ordered multiple items, you may have separate tracking information for each item.

To ensure safe delivery, most shipments require a signature on delivery. If your delivery requires a signature and you won’t be available, you can use the “Pre-sign for delivery” link to authorize the delivery with the carrier ahead of time. Refer to the Shipping & Pickup help page for more information.

Pickup Items

Once your item is available at the Apple Store, we'll send a Pickup Notification email with the Apple Store location. You can also view the Apple Store location and, if applicable, the pickup contact in online Order Status (Opens in a new window).

Text Notifications

In addition to email notifications, you can request updates by text message in checkout.

Track Shipping Orders

What to Expect

After The Sale: Shipping Orders From Your Online Shop Saudi Arabia

Once your order ships, or is available for pickup, we'll send you a text message. The text message will include your order number and a link to the tracking or pickup store information. We also send texts on the day of delivery or after your item has been delivered, depending upon your shipping method, country, and carrier. You may receive between 1-4 text messages per shipment on your order.

How to change text message preferences

After The Sale: Shipping Orders From Your Online Shop Online

You can edit your mobile phone number at any time by signing into your account and editing the shipment notification preferences for your order.Refer to the Shipping & Pickup help page for more details.

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