Add A Donate Button To Your Website To Encourage Giving


You have a charity website just like this - https://redcross.sg/. It's time to add the right donate button on your website to get the most donations you can.

Free Online Donation Buttons. For your convenience, we have created a handful of images for buttons that you may use on your website to link to your DonorPerfect Online Forms. To download any of the buttons below simply right click and “Save picture as”. Once you have downloaded the image, you may implement it into your site however you see. Let’s contribute and Encourage your customers to donate. No.1 Donation App on Shopify App Store. Donation Option on Cart Page: It allows merchants to add donation options on the cart page to collect donation money along with product selling.

Every day, many people who know about your charity will visit your website to learn more. This is the perfect opportunity to ask for a donation because these people are looking for a way to contribute and help your social impact.

The golden rule to remember in asking for donations is to make it so easy to donate that everyone that wants to donate will eventually complete their donation. In fancy words, what you want to do is increase the conversion efficiency of your donation process and get the maximum donations possible.

The donation flow is a science and this is what we observe through data analytics:

  1. If you ask donors to click a button that goes to another website to donate, you lose ~50% of donations
  2. If you ask donors to fill in too many details like salutation, age, postal code, etc, you lose another ~50% of donations
  3. If you ask donors to print a form to fill in then mail it back with a cheque, you lose another ~50% of donations

By following the best practices, charities can get up to 8x more donations on your own website! This is why we created this free donate button for charities to get the best in donation experience right inside your own website.

This is how it looks on your website with colours automatically matching your brand guide (demo: https://redcross.sg/):

And when it's clicked on donors can donate monthly too:

Adding your FREE donate button is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


STEP 1: Go to www.give.asia and login with your charity account information.

STEP 2: Next click on the manage charity button on the top right of the page to visit your dashboard

STEP 3: Then click on the 'Widget' button on the sidebar to find your unique charity donate button code with instructions what how to install it.

You don't need an IT person to do this because it's so easy!

(If you have a wix.com website)

Add A Donate Button To Your Website To Encourage Giving
To get started with if your charity website is on wix.com:
  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Tracking & Analytics tab under Advanced Settings.
  3. Click + New Tool and select a <Custom>.
  4. Paste the Donate Widget code you copied from www.give.asia website and you're done!

(if you have a wordpress website)

To get started with if your charity website is built with wordpress:
  1. Log in to your WordPress site.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add new
  3. Search for 'Header and Footer Scripts'.
  4. Click 'Install Now' and activate the plugin.
  5. Once installed, go to Settings > Header and Footer Scripts.
  6. Paste the Donate Widget code you copied from www.give.asia website and you're done!

Adding a donate button to your website helps you convert more web traffic into contributing donors. It offers a simple way for visitors to choose to donate. Instead of mailing a check or visiting your nonprofit in-person, they can instantly submit the payment online.

The donate button is also highly-visible, which makes it an effective call-to-action. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should learn how to add a donate button to your website.

Choose the right tool for donations

There are quite a few different tools that allow you to add a payment or donation button. These options include tools from major online payment processing platforms, such as Stripe or PayPal.

Besides individual payment processing services, there are other options for accepting online donations. These options include online donation platforms that are built specifically for nonprofits.

Add A Donate Button To Your Website To Encourage Giving

An online donation platform includes more than a donation button. You also receive a complete online fundraising solution. For example, at GivingLoop, we help you guide your donors to easily setup monthly recurring donations, and we advise you on how to market your donation page.


Ask your developer to add the button

After selecting a tool for accepting online payments, you need to add the donation button to your website. Most tools provide a widget or form that you can easily embed on your website. If you have a website developer that manages your website, you may need to ask for their assistance to add the necessary code.

At GivingLoop, we give you the option of owning a whole donation page that allow you to showcase your story, mission, and staff to help attract new donors, to which you link your Donate button. Or a simple widget that is embeddable inside your web pages.

Keep track of conversions and other metrics

Add A Donate Button To Your Website To Encourage Giving

Add A Donate Button To Your Website To Encourage Giving Others

Your job doesn’t stop at choosing and implementing the proper tools. You need to have the tools to track and measure the effectiveness of the tools with your website visitors.

Keeping track of these metrics allows you to analyze the performance of your online marketing efforts. You can determine what is working and what needs improvement.

For example, you may find that one web page tends to convert better than another page. Comparing the variations between the pages may help you make a few simple changes and gain more donors.

Add A Donate Button To Your Website To Encourage Giving Money

Adding a donation button to your website should not be a complicated task. There are many useful tools and resources available to help you with this process, if you think you need one-on-one free help, throw us a message!