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  1. Clash of Kings is a real-time strategy game where you can build your own city, recruit and train an army, and conquer all the nearby (and not so nearby) land to expand your empire. In Clash of Kings, the most important concept is that of the capital: the place where your empire begins.
  2. Link to the mod: game version is 1.174Step 1: Download the mod from the link provided.Step 2: Extract it into t.
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Hello, Clash of Kings Game Player’s If you’re looking for the latest version of Clash of Kings Mod Apk (v5.13.0) + Unlimited money/resources + No ads for Android, then congratulations on the right. On this page we will find out what specialty Clash of Kings Android game and the Mod Apk version offers clicking the fastest CDN Drive Link download, so you can easily download the strategy game Clash of Kings Android.

Game NameClash of Kings
Android Version4.0.3 and up
User Reviews4.2 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv5.13.0
Last Update

What is the specialty of Clash of Kings Mod Apk

Clash of Kings: Fall speculations are extremely aggressive, so MMO battles against these global kings are inevitable. The truth is that almost every player has their own kingdom, so over time you may need to strike to increase your potential. In general, countless players from around the world are waiting for you; point

Wars are ongoing. The descendants of this king bought a telephone. The gate of this palace will soon begin. New coasts with puzzles await his true god. Gather an army, discover the power in another kingdom, and then rule the ocean! Fight kingdoms, wage war, fight dragons, build your castle and defeat the empire using the real-time plan in this epic multiplayer online game. Download Clash of Kings to get through the medieval battle of dreams CoK PVP in an epic war competition. Fight kingdoms, use dragons to improve your skills and defeat the empire in a multiplayer war game that is opposed to enemies and friends.

The conflict is warming up with the help of a completely new army to fight, 4 new civilizations to explore, as well as a completely new gear ranking strategy – in combination with the online Clash of Kings competition, and then play with the real-time war plan in this RPG to manage in all Kingdom of CoK. CoK – Five Best Reasons to Get: Cal. Take part in CoK, taking part in real-time MMO battles with tens of thousands of players around the world

2. Fight kingdoms, upgrade dragons with guards, collect tools and create an empire in this epic multiplayer online sports movie

3. Fight with the bustling castle, kingdom or palace and then explore the dream world of CoK

4. Play a real-time strategic MMO combat plan, and build alliances with various gentlemen and leaders

5. Fight and defeat kingdoms in 4 new civilizations and fight to maintain enchanted empire rankings while playing RPGs online and the CoK battlefield. Fight other men and wage war during the giant online PVP competition. Fight control of this empire, build an army and kiss your defense with upgrades to the castle, dragons, palace, and military barracks to face the strongest PVE attack. Use real-time technology to strengthen control of your kingdoms, update your devices, and fight in an epic MMO war to protect your castle from enemy attack. Take advantage of the funds for your own army and upgrade your palace by simply growing farms and sawmills.

Create and maintain alliances. Deliver dragons on a journey to create ideas for gifts for the empire, use the strategy MMO-RPG to prevent a siege in your own palace, fight enemies, and manage your own palace tools to perhaps the strongest rulers of the Clash of Kings empire.

Discover new cultures of dragons, Vikings, Yamato, as well as Huaxia to defeat completely new countries. Every day new personalities using their special peaks to fight the early valley, warriors tested in battle are prepared for the powerful occurrence of activity on the developing planet of dreams for many players.

Amazing new features of the game Clash of Kings Mod Apk

Download Clash of all kings, fight against enemies to get high bills from the Idol attribute and just take over the borders of the kingdom in this epic MMO PVP war! Strategic competitions, fighting in the metropolis and building up opponents that are constantly built up, have yielded many players. Moreover, it is pretty clear, because this type of gameplay does not require too much time and energy from you to keep to the personality and procedures of the competition. In any case, it also offers players a very realistic knowledge of how to become a leader.

Hence the titles of the Clash of the Clan, Castle Clan, Rise of the Kingdoms, etc. Create this kind of huge district. In addition to the Clash of Kings brothers, he speculates that Falls also has exactly the same position in such video sports. Moreover, it gives precisely the adventure of running a powerful system of armed forces, which must be a precursor.

However, even now “Clash of Kings: Spulate Falls” has fascinating differences that are extremely popular with many players around the world. After the game, the main goal is not to become a king, except to become a real king. This means that you must use your strength and power to maneuver in some other regions and to move towards them. Sooner or later this universe wants a pace. You.

Alex Wireless can be a game writer dedicated to strategic match titles with diversity. Players can easily discover similar titles such as Clash of Queens, Heroes War and another Clash of Kings: The West. Almost every game has different adjustments so that players can easily get these and feel really striking. Moreover, this makes diversity desirable, and perhaps not everything has been duplicated.


In short, these competitions are actually exactly the same as the tools needed to build most kingdoms. Placing a powerful army of different orders, entering into conflicts between the two states, waging war and even after agreeing to form a business fort to resist the enemy.

A Clash Of Kings Mod Download Full

This epic multiplayer RPG can give you every opportunity to probably build one of their most powerful medieval empires on earth and control all countries. In any case, it might not be an easy fighting game but moreover added to the chic parts that describe this time. Because of witches, dragons and dream animals, conflicts with the competition will end up much more heroic.

Your globe probably covers 4 spacious areas divided into easy-to-manage locations. These places also fight each other, so you may have to be the one who catches everything. These forces are likely to be born soon of the Dragon, the Vikings, Yamato and also Huaxia have different superiority items. They will probably act as the best military source, and that means you can beat this specific world.

What’s new in the latest version
*** v5.13.0 ***

Event Viewer:
1. A gift for Thanksgiving
Gentlemen have the opportunity to give friends and allies. You can tell yourself what you want and give each other.
Optimization and adjustment of functions:
1. The optimized fighting system in a mineral vein
2. Ranking lists
According to the stars that your Kingdom won in the Conquest phase, there is a new Kingdom Glory Star Ranking
3. Teleportation port and events
4. Notification of a growth fund
5. Access to the use of items

What does the user say about the strategy game Clash of Kings Mod

First user: the game is fun and addictive, although not equal, you can not communicate, you can not write, create or create Chinese, as well as lists of other words and numbers. You have to pay to get rewards, you need to buy most of the equipment, castle skins and other items that should be available in other ways.

Second user – Hello Alex, I just want to tell you that Cok has many problems now. Solve or repair your systems. When I open your application, it will be closed immediately. What will happen to your system? Solve it immediately, thanks! Give us more rewards that don’t need money. You can also give us at least solid skins or wings for the locks so that we can enjoy the game.

Third user-: Clash of Kings, you destroyed the game and stopped telling me to enter the game and contact you with a reasonable answer. NOW you put a lot of CASH PACKAGES in the game, just life-ruining other players. if there are people who do not spend money, want to grow, and if you put a lot of money into the game, most of us can not grow, because in a week the LVL 1 castle will achieve prestige 1, and we, we do not spend even do not have money, so why not put fewer packages in the game and more rewards and events.

Supplied with Mod Apk functions

  • Unlimited money
  • Resources
  • No ads

Clash of Kings Mod Apk + download (unlimited money/resources / no ads)

Clash Of Kings Mod Download

If you run into problems installing the game or downloading the game file, please ask us in the comments box. We will help you as soon as possible. Download Thanx and continue visiting Apkadda.com

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