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by pinga Fun game as they all are.I just learned within the last year onhow to play these small card games and Ican't get enough. I don't like how thepile is on the top though but tha... ~6 minutes agopinga
It was a good defense game! :DGoldbug21
how do i get my score to post and mymedal? i got 224 on here and it said igot the medal for over 200 but its notshowing./// :(piratelady
fun game and finally get to shoot atthings to watch them blow up.. got anmedal and will see if it shows onprofile.. tried to save score but itdoes not show on page where you click toplay and should show score..piratelady
Ok, glad to have played,I just collecteda gold medal:-)Fullmoon
love game,.... it would be funner withdifferent planes... fireworks....areawesomeness wrapped in a tiny package...treyisbest10181018
Aight........this is just weak! How do Istart off killing over 120 with my firstshot, and then finish with less than 200total?jigadre
Already beat my highest score! I canonly get better from here!jigadre
First......Tony Thumbs is going down,then I am coming for my monthly bestrecord! Only a matter of time.....jigadre
Yeah baby!!! Boss of the month and Ijust started playing 10 Bullets for thefirst time! Just wait until I practicefor a little bit....all time score willbe mine!jigadre
Trying to get that high score is provingto be a bit challenging! I am up to thetask though! Watch out son....here Icome!jigadre
Ok, 10 Bullets is pretty awesome! Neverheard of it before, byt thought I wouldgive it a try. Wow, glad that I did,because now i'm hooked!jigadre
It feels like the Fourth of July! Anyoneelse like fireworks? ;)garyoak99

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Then 10 Bullets is the game for you. Set on a dystopian battlefield, you are up against enemy battleships. With nothing more than 10 Bullets to your name, you must stand your ground. Games Surveys Controls Discord CHat Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Home Youtube Games Surveys. 10 Bullets: How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets? - 10 Bullets is one of our selected Shooting Games. Play 10 Bullets for Free!

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